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A - Z List of Sources

In addition to 40 sources on the resources page (marked with an *), here are 204 links to organizations, institutions, companies, news and media outlets, websites, blogs, and YouTube channels used throughout this site. These sources were vetted as much as possible, they aren't 100% endorsed by Cookhouse Hero, and their content and products aren't intended as medical advice. Also know that some sources have inherent flaws built into their programs. Check out the Conflicts of Interest button below for more information on 1) including critical-thinking in your decisions and choices, and 2) not throwing out the baby with the bathwater. The process of research can be a slippery slope, so heads up.

"You can only learn by opening yourself up to engage with different sources of information. How can you learn something if you never see it, read it, or hear it?"

- Fran Tarkenton, American Football Quarterback

220 Triathlon  LINK

AARP - American Association of Retired Persons  LINK

ABC Science  LINK

Active  LINK

After Skool  LINK 

AIM - Age of Montessori  LINK

American Heart Association  LINK   

American Psychological Association  LINK 

Australian Broadcasting Corporation  LINK

Australian Institute of Food Safety  LINK 

AZLyrics  LINK

Basmati  LINK 

BBC Good Food  LINK

BBC Ideas  LINK 


Beyond the Headlines  LINK 

Big Think  LINK

BioGraphic - California Academy of Sciences  LINK

Dr Christina Bjorndal  LINK

Black Weight Loss Success   LINK 

Blog JungSeed  LINK

Blue Zones  LINK 

Boston University Today  LINK

Boston University - The Brink  LINK 

Britannica Curiosity Compass  LINK

British Columbia Medical Journal  LINK

CaliKim29 - Home and Garden DIY  LINK 

ChooseVeg  LINK

City of Longmont, Colorado  LINK

Cleveland Clinic  LINK

CNN Health  LINK

Conservation International  LINK 

Consumer Reports  LINK

Cookie + Kate  LINK 

CPD Online College Knowledge Base  LINK 

DGA - Dietary Guidelines for Americans  LINK 

Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine  LINK 

Doha Debates  LINK 

Drugwatch  LINK

DW - Deutsche Welle News  LINK

DW Planet A  LINK 

Eater  LINK

EatingWell  LINK

Eat Right - Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics  LINK 

Effectivology  LINK 

EPA - US Environmental Protection Agency  LINK  

Everyday Health  LINK

EWG - Environmental Working Group  LINK 

Exponential Medicine (NextMed Health)  LINK

FDA - US Food and Drug Administration  LINK 

FEE Stories - Foundation for Economic Education  LINK

Fight Mediocrity  LINK

Family Meals Movement (via FMI Foundation)  LINK

Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN  LINK

Food Insight - International Food Info Council  LINK

Food & Nutrition  LINK

Food Safety  LINK

Forbes  LINK

FreshCap Mushrooms  LINK

Futurity  LINK

Georgia State University Research Library  LINK

Girls Gone Strong  LINK

GoodLife Fitness  LINK  

Grand View Research  LINK 

Growing Spaces - Geodesic Dome Garden Kits  LINK

HabitAware  LINK

Harvard Business Review  LINK

Harvard Health Publishing  LINK 

Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health: Nutrition Source  LINK 

Have a Plant - Fruits & Veggies  LINK

Heal the Planet  LINK

Health Action International  LINK 

Healthline  LINK  

Healthy Children  LINK

Heinen's  LINK

Herbal Jedi  LINK

Hey Sigmund  LINK 


How Stuff Works  LINK

Huberman Lab  LINK

HUB - Johns Hopkins University  LINK 

HumanMetrics  LINK


IIBFY - Is It Bad For You  LINK

Improvement Pill  LINK 

In Defense of Animals  LINK

Institute for Writers  LINK

JED Foundation  LINK

Jimi Sol  LINK 

John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  LINK

Kids Health  LINK

Kidz Bop  LINK

Kinder World  LINK

K-State Research and Extension  LINK   

Learning Games Lab - NM State University  LINK

Let's Learn Public Health  LINK

Life by Jamie  LINK

LiveKindly  LINK

Mary Allyson  LINK

Mashed  LINK

Medical News Today  LINK

Medicare Learning Network  LINK

Mel Robbins  LINK

Mercy for Animals  LINK

Merriam-Webster Dictionary  LINK  

Minimalism Made Simple  LINK

Mom Loves Best  LINK

Naturally Karli  LINK

Newsy (Scripps News)  LINK

New York Institute of Technology  LINK 

New York Times - YouTube Channel  LINK

NIH - NCBI: National Center for Biotech Info   LINK

NIH - NIA: National Institute on Aging  LINK


NIH - US National Institutes of Health  LINK 

NIH - US National Library of Medicine (PubMed)  LINK 

Northern Arizona University - UCAN  LINK

Northwestern Medicine  LINK  

Nourish - Food and Community  LINK 

Novant Health  LINK 

NPR - National Public Radio  LINK  

NRCS - Natural Resources Conservation Service (via USDA)  LINK

NRDC - Natural Resources Defense Council  LINK

Nutriplanet  LINK  

Nutrition Stripped  LINK  

Nutriciously  LINK

Old Ways  LINK

One Green Planet  LINK 

One Yard Revolution Gardening  LINK

Open Secrets  LINK  

Our Infinite Earth  LINK 

Oxfam  LINK

Parade  LINK

Parents  LINK

PBS Learning Media + WTTW  LINK

PCC Community Markets  LINK  

Pew Charitable Trusts  LINK 

Pew Research Center  LINK

Plant-Based  LINK 

Plant-Based and Broke  LINK

Plant-Based News  LINK

Playing for Change  LINK

Psychology Today  LINK  

Psychology Unlocked  LINK

Psychreg  LINK

Purely Planted  LINK

Rare  LINK

Reactions  LINK

Regeneration International  LINK

RTS - Recycle Track Systems  LINK 

Rutgers University  LINK

RxWiki  LINK 


Scientific American  LINK  

Sentient Media  LINK  

Sierra Club - Michigan  LINK

Skeptical Science  LINK

Skillshare  LINK

Sleep Foundation  LINK 

Slice  LINK

Somatic Movement Center  LINK

Spiritual Fit Club  LINK 

Spoon University  LINK

Stateline  LINK

Stat News  LINK 

State of Childhood Obesity  LINK  

Stories   LINK  

Talkspace  LINK

Taste Of The Place  LINK

TeachEthnobotany  LINK

Teal Swan  LINK


TEDx Talks  LINK  

The Beet  LINK  

The Counter  LINK  

The Economist  LINK

The Health Bridge  LINK

The Real Truth About Health  LINK

The Spruce  LINK

The Vegan Review  LINK  

Theo Herbots  LINK

Think Global Health  LINK

Thomas Mulligan  LINK

Today on NBC - YouTube Channel  LINK

Tony Robbins  LINK

TRT World  LINK  

Union of Concerned Scientists - The Equation  LINK

University of Oregon - The Conversation  LINK

University of Sheffield Dept of Sociological Studies  LINK

Vegan  LINK

Vegancuts  LINK

VeganLinked  LINK

Vegetarian Times  LINK

VegNews  LINK

Verywell Fit  LINK


Whistle  LINK

Whistleblowers International  LINK  

WHO - World Health Organization  LINK

WNN - Whistleblower Network News  LINK

Women's Health  LINK

World of Vegan  LINK

Yoga with Adriene  LINK  

Yoga with Bird  LINK  

Zen Master Wellness  LINK

Zing Instruments  LINK

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