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Learning about bio-chemistry and plants saved my life. When it comes to medicine and hospitals, admittedly I have trust issues (with deep respect for the positive contributions of some doctors). After I got diagnosed with type-2 diabetes and weirdo-gene high cholesterol in 2018, I created a new life: quit my 70+ hour work weeks, gave up drinking happy-hour margaritas with free tortilla chips served by sexy-muscular Latino bartenders, and lost a lot of weight over the next few years. I fired three doctors, then one doctor fired me. My current doctor is more of a partner in my health - she's kind and practices integrative medicine at the Osher Center at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago.


Update (2023): it takes an average of 8 to 10 months to get an appointment with my physician, and frankly, I sometimes know more than she does (ouch). She rocks but... I've begun to explore online options like Dr Popper's Wellness Forum Health, as well as affordable, online blood tests and other healthcare screens. I now think that not having one primary care doctor might not be such a bad thing after all. Thus, I vowed to myself the following: I'll never need a doctor because of lifestyle choices again. I’ve also learned about brain bio-chemistry, as well as the food, beverage, and food system racket, which fed my illness and food addiction for decades. 




Partial ignorance was bliss, but it made me sick.

I started life as an omnivore and ate the SAD - Standard American Diet of fiber-deficient, nutrient-poor, highly processed, overly salty, sugary, and fatty foods. I recall having a stomach ache for much of my young childhood until my dad read a book about plants and health when I was a teenager. In the process, I discovered that my body doesn't digest dairy very well. Then, I slowly shifted to being a pescatarian, then a vegetarian, then an almost vegan. When I observed the unhealthy food choices of some well-intentioned vegans, I decided that my own solution would be whole plant foods. However, I still bought into the marketing traps that say first cold-pressed olive oil and faux-vegan sausages and "everything in moderation" are cool. When I fully opened up my brain, I let myself see the creatively constructed clouds of food chaos and said enough. The truth is: I'd rather not know all this stuff. It would be so much easier to let my addiction to veggie nachos and a beer win, but... life demands great effort, right?

Although I clearly understand that WPF are the key to my health (and I already love eating a variety of plants), in the beginning I could be seen kicking and screaming all the way to the supermarket. Diet and lifestyle transitions are emotionally challenging, and they’re worth it. After all, food shopping and cooking are cheaper than a doctor. Like, way cheaper. Thus, I decided to create Cookhouse Hero - Food Education For All because I couldn't find many resources where a wide range of food and fitness factoids are in one place, which also include all the inter-connections between food... and cooking, nutrition, marketing, waste, farming, medicine, food animals, eco-systems, sleep, stress, love... the list goes on. My goal is living hospital-free while pursuing this fun, food education adventure focused on WPF solutions.

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