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Public Speaker + Trainer

I'm a trained improv actor and a research geek. Both skills have helped me become an entertaining and thought-provoking professional public speaker (so I'm told!). Also, I'm a veteran trainer with experience in a wide range of environments, from tiny Mom and Pop shops to major international corporations. What I found in many training sessions was a general lack of knowledge regarding soft skills, or worse, a bewilderment regarding what soft skills are in the first place. This awareness has changed somewhat in the past two decades, but it took a lot of "selling" before I got my foot in the door at first. Some companies and organizations still don't acknowledge the realities of hidden costs and agendas, cross-cultural faux pas, and emotional intelligence (but I digress). One cool experience worth sharing is:

... during the Great Recession, I worked with the IIBA - International Institute of Business Analysis and the PMI - Project Management Institute in Detroit. 

BAs and PMs are an integral team for creating expectations clarity, smooth workflow, and effective results for both internal and external stakeholders. First I had to learn what and why they do what they do, how they interface with clients and each other, and what kinds of tools I can add that would support their efforts with the highest ROI (return on investment). Then, I trained and motivated groups of uber-smart, somewhat introverted, and technically savvy professionals. After the word got out, I even had a couple standing-room-only sessions. I heard the same question from participants: why don't academic institutions and training programs at companies focus on soft-skill topics - conflict, communication, listening, negotiating, personality types, working styles, cultural realities - more often? Yes, why indeed?

My unique approach offers low-tech, high-impact experiences for people from ALL backgrounds, which are designed to inspire compelling conversations and intelligent change. Content, style, target audience, demographic, location, and duration possibilities abound. Need a speaker or trainer? LMK

  • BMW AG (Regensburg + München, Germany)

  • Infineon AG (Regensburg)

  • Siemens Automation (Regensburg)

  • Leer Corporation (Regensburg)

  • Deutsche Telekom - Real Estate (Stuttgart)

  • English Studio (Regensburg + Nürnberg)

  • IHK Regensburg - Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

  • Arbeitsagentur für Regensburg - Employment Office

  • Volkshochschule Regensburg - Community College

  • University of Regensburg

  • University of Applied Sciences Regensburg

  • IBM Japan (Otsu)

  • Omron (Osaka) 

  • Osaka Gakuin University

  • Kinki University (Osaka)

  • Konan University (Kobe)

  • KEC Foreign Language Institute (Kyoto)

  • Bridges English Academy (Kyoto)

  • IIBA - International Institute of Business Analysis, SE Michigan

  • MCWT - Michigan Council of Women in Technology + 'Connect-Net' Co-Founder 

  • PMI - Project Management Institute, Great Lakes

  • Rotary Club (SE Michigan)

  • American Cancer Society (SE Michigan) 

  • New Orleans School of Cooking

  • Various US Hospitality Companies (IL, CA, LA, NY)

  • Various US Start-Ups (MI, IL, OR)

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