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CH Blog

"from bio-chemistry and beans to protein and poop"


Welcome to the monthly CH Blog!

I'm thrilled you'd like to learn more! Each month, I'll write on a plethora of plant-powered topics from marketing tactics, farming, public policy, and research... to fitness and wellness, behavior change, kitchen hacks, and fun food factoids. Included are useful links focused on Real Food Recipes, In the News, and Feeding Families. If you'd like to subscribe, check YES, please on the contact form, and you'll be added to the CH Blog monthly mailing list. Thank you for visiting and enjoy! So... what's for supper tonight?

Subscribers receive 3 downloadable docs!

CHEAT SHEETS 1.0 + 1.1: CH's High-Low-Ox "Diet" + Food List (English + Spanish)

GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS: CH links, books + cookbooks, films, YouTubers, advocates

CH Blog - 2023

  • JAN Priorities: What's the relative value of health?

  • FEB  Branding: A love letter to advocates (and everyone).  

  • MAR  Food Pushers: How to navigate people we love but...

  • APR  Flavor Hacks 1: How to make kale (kinda) delicious.

  • MAY  Mental Health: Can plants help balance our brain?

  • JUN  Fitness 1: About habits and the myth of motivation.

  • JUL  Beverages: What's ideal for all living creatures?

  • AUG  Vegetarianism: A healthy option or gateway to WPF?

  • SEP  Sleep 1: Complex carbs and our circadian rhythms.

  • OCT  Falsehoods 1: Interview with a marketing vampire.

  • NOV  Celebrations: Tips and tricks for surviving holidays.

  • DEC  Medical Schools: Why is food science being ignored?

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