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Weight Loss: No bells and whistles... just plants.

November 2022 / by Cookhouse Hero

The science of weight loss can be quite complex. Yet, when I realized that a golden key is eating plants as close to their original form as Mother Nature and Father Time intended, I laughed out loud at the simplicity of this solution. Choose to stop dieting. Instead, eat foods today that you'll eat forever (ie WPF).


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Weight Loss

(eat foods today that you'll eat forever)

CH BLOG - November 2022 / © by Cookhouse Hero / Reading time: 3 minutes

Whole plant foods. No bells and whistles... just plants.

     Diets suck. They don’t work long-term, they inspire a twisted relationship to food, and in too many cases, diets cause weight gain. What's going on? First, Big Diet and Big Marketing have created a multi-billion-dollar industry. Money, once again, is at the core of unwise choices on the part of share-holders who wish to turn a profit at the expense of human health and longevity. Second, sexy celebrities and famous doctors offer click-bait-sound-bite mis/disinformation based on shaky “evidence”. When doing deep-dive research on too many false claims, their hidden agendas become grossly obvious. And third, many of us have become unintentionally obsessed with being thin. Personally, I'm working towards becoming fitter and more slender as my curvy German body will never be skinny. Side note: Cookhouse Hero won't be adding to the fat/thin/obese conversation in regards to the complex semantics of language. I'll leave that to sociologists as well as the mainstream media. My story? I let myself go via long work-weeks, late night veggie nachos, and spending too much time on the sofa. I didn't become overweight or plump and pretty or big and beautiful. I got unhealthy... and fat.


I don’t want to look skinny. I want to look like I could kick your ass and then rock your world in bed.

- from a fridge magnet in my kitchen


Whole plants with an abundance of fiber are golden tickets to healthy weight loss.

     Fiber. Ever heard of it? Why-oh-why are most of us not eating enough fiber? The main reasons are: animals, animal products, and processed foods and beverages, none of which have much fiber or no fiber at all. Fiber comes in two forms: soluble which means it mixes with our internal liquids and breaks down into a gel-like substance, and insoluble which means it passes through our body intact. Both forms are miracle workers as they can: slow digestion (no glycemic spikes); bulk up food in our stomach; provide satiety for longer periods of time; lower LDL cholesterol by escorting it out of our body (ie poop); lower inflammation; lower the risk of heart disease, type-2 diabetes, some cancers, and other chronic illnesses; and aid in healthy weight loss. When we eat a burger, faux-vegan ice cream, or potato chips, all we’re doing is stocking up on unhealthy fats, processed sugars, and harmful chemicals. When we eat whole plants with fiber, not only does weight loss become much easier, our chances of living a hospital-free life significantly increase, too. Bonus: eating whole plants supports animal welfare and stable eco-systems.

My weight loss has been painful and powerful, filled with food addiction and long plateaus.

     Through an abundance of high-fiber, low-glycemic, low-fat whole plants, I’ve lost weight which helped reverse my T2D diagnosis in 2018. As of this blog posting: without counting carbs or calories, I've lost 50 pounds and have 20 to go (26.7 kilos/3.8 stones + 9.1 kilos/1.4 stones). I've also learned that intact whole grains and the legumes family - beans, lentils, split peas, etc - have the most fiber, not fruits and vegetables (high-fiber examples: artichokes, raspberries, and avocados). Furthermore, foods like avocados, quinoa, and raw nuts are quite high in calories, so heads up. The most challenging aspect has been the long and apparently normal plateaus, some lasting several months. In addition, I’ve learned that willpower isn’t real. Thus, the lack of it isn't why we’re unhealthy and fat as Big Food/Beverage dishonestly report. So, I realized that my entire eating pattern, content, and timing had to change, not my willpower. As a mostly recovered food junkie, I fall off the WPF wagon, get back on, fall off again, and get back on again fairly regularly. The major difference now is that the intervals between "clean and dirty" eating are much longer. As I wrote in Diets Suck. -

Seeing the abundance of diets out there, I'd give us a gold star for effort. 

Nobody can say that we aren't trying.


What to do?

     The first wise choice is one major step: STOP DIETING. No, really. Stop listening to skinny-unhealthy famous people and celebrity doctors with hidden agendas and so-called "research". Stop paying attention to marketing campaigns and food-porn images designed to manipulate our brain to want-crave-need some more. And I know I'm not alone in this one: can we finally stop feeling bad about our body... and then feel bad about feeling bad? The most powerful tool for losing weight is to focus on whole plant foods with fiber, consuming at least 30-40 grams daily. Plus, as Dr Greger teaches us in How Not to Diet (2019), make sure that about 50% of our food is whole, nutrient-dense vegetables for healthy weight loss. BTW: water helps digest fiber because it then softens, which aids in elimination. Water has also been shown to support weight loss - generally drink 60 oz to 64 oz daily (1.8 L to 1.9 L). More during hotter temperatures or when doing more physical movement. Heads up: too much water can be as detrimental as not enough.

     And finally, choose to eat foods today that you'll eat forever. Losing weight via fiber-rich, nutrient-dense, life-promoting whole plants changed the game for me and countless WPF advocates who've lost weight and kept it off for good. The truth is: diets suck and they don’t work. Ready to let go?

Click on the links below to learn about the benefits of plants on weight loss and how to navigate supplementation!

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