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CH Blog - 2024
  • JAN  Kitchen Hacks 1: Tips and tricks for beginners.

  • FEB  Carbs 101: The most misunderstood macro-nutrient.  

  • MAR  Inflammation: The core cause of chronic conditions.

  • APR  Fitness 2: Resistance, laziness, and getting unstuck.

  • MAY  Diet Wars: What and whom can we really trust?

  • JUN  Eco-Systems 1: What's up with our water systems?

  • JUL  Faux-Vegan Food: What happened to hamburgers?!

  • AUG  False Equivalence: When journalists quote fools...

  • SEP  Flavor Hacks 2: The magic of herbs and spices.

  • OCT  CAFOs: We've lost our way with animal husbandry.

  • NOV  Batch Cooking: The art (and science) of food prep.

  • DEC  Food Costs: 20 tips from a frugal chef on a budget. 

Kitchen Hacks 1: Tips and tricks for beginners.

January 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

Remember when you didn't know how to ride a bike... then one day you could? Spending time in our kitchen feels like that. And just like showing off scraped knees from falling down, cooks and chefs wear our kitchen scars as badges of honor. Check out some tips to get your food adventure started! JAN 2024

  • Real Food Recipes: Forks Over Knives offers 41 easy recipes you'll make again and again. LINK

  • In the News: The WFPB Cooking Show shares 12 tips with Jill Dalton's guide for beginners. LINK

  • Feeding Families: Vegan Family Kitchen gets you started the easy way when cooking vegan. LINK

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Carbs 101: The most misunderstood macro-nutrient.

February 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

If you detest science, clinical research, and think the earth might be flat, this isn't the topic for you (just kidding). As a Gen Xer concerned about brain health, the moment I learned that carbs are one of three vital macro-nutrients (macro = large), I fully grasped that brains need glucose to survive and thrive. FEB 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: VegNews entices us with 7 vegan recipes featuring healthy-complex carbs. LINK

  • In the News: Well + Good reports on carbohydrates and asks: friend or foe for brain health? LINK

  • Feeding Families: Joyous Health emphasizes the best carbs for kids (the lovable monsters). LINK

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Inflammation: The core cause of chronic conditions.

March 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

Here's an eye-opening factoid, which has changed the way I think about health and having a possible hospital-free life: researchers have piled up evidence supporting the hypothesis that inflammation from nutrient-deficient foods and beverages is a Hall of Fame cause of (almost) all chronic conditions. MAR 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: Pain Doctor offers 15 of the best vegan anti-inflammation recipes. LINK

  • In the News: John Hopkins Medicine shows how to beat inflammation to prevent heart disease. LINK

  • Feeding Families: EatingWell shares 20+ vegetarian anti-inflammatory snacks for kids. LINK

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Fitness 2: Resistance, laziness, and getting unstuck.

April 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

I keep hearing "full disclosure" type of confessions in the plant-powered world. Like CH, many people struggle with regular, daily movement for health, wellness, and longevity. I know that my body can withstand almost anything... it's my lazy mind I have to convince! So, shall we get unstuck? APR 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: PCRM suggests 12 game-changing recipes for athletes (and active people). LINK

  • In the News: Experience Life writes on strategies to escape inertia and overcome resistance. LINK

  • Feeding Families: Univ of Texas - MD Anderson Center offers 10 tips to get kids to exercise. LINK

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Diet Wars: What and whom can we really trust?

May 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

Diet Wars is a common book/media title seen in various forms. I can't think of a better way to frame the ever-evolving universe of fads, diets, and restrictive eating. Macro-Nutrient Wars is another way to describe this cultural reality. Learn the truth about diets 101 and the benefits of protein-carbs-fats. MAY 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: MamaSezz offers 5 plant-based recipes for visible weight loss. LINK

  • In the News: Outward Nutrition evaluates nutrition advice on social media platforms. LINK

  • Feeding Families: ABC Quality helps caregivers model positive eating behaviors for kids. LINK

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Eco-Systems 1: What's up with our water systems?

June 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

Why begin the eco-systems conversation with water? At the end of The Big Short (2015) - a clever film about why the 2008 Economic Crash happened - it showed the first trader (a genius) who predicted the crash. Afterwards, he decided to focus on only one type of stock: those having to do with water. JUN 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: Off the Grid News lists drought-resistant, home-garden plants for recipes. LINK

  • In the News: LiveKindly discusses how a plant-based diet uses the least amount of water. LINK

  • Feeding Families: LifeSource offers 6 reasons kids need water and how to get them to drink it. LINK

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Faux-Vegan Food: What happened to hamburgers?!

July 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

Cookhouse Hero echoes what many WPF advocates say: fake burgers made with pea protein and soy-based ice cream are doing food animals and eco-systems a huge favor. Big thanks. Yet the benefit to human health is but a whisper in the dark. And... faux-vegan foods can nudge folks towards whole plants, too. JUL 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: Sweet Potato Soul + Simply Quinoa demonstrate two vegan burger recipes. LINK

  • In the News: The Conversation shows how scientists make plants taste and feel more like meat. LINK

  • Feeding Families: Nowadays Brand compares different vegan chicken-nugget ingredients. LINK

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False Equivalence: When journalists quote fools...

August 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

When journalists develop a balanced point of view by using different opinions and quotes from experts and so-called experts, there's a problem. Some are perhaps best-selling-fad-diet authors or celebrities who take advice from "reputable" doctors. This is classic (and faulty) accolades-vs-evidence reporting. AUG 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: Fly me to the vegan buffet offers 12 ideas for the perfect party (also German). LINK

  • In the News: Cranky Uncle explains what FLICC is and defines 5 techniques of science denial. LINK

  • Feeding Families: The Mondays Campaign collected 13 big-batch recipes for hungry families. LINK

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Flavor Hacks 2: The magic of herbs and spices.

September 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

Keeping my food varied, enticing, and highly flavorful satisfies my body, brain, creativity, and curiosity. Without adding local, regional, and global herbs and spices, my ability to stick with a plant-focused diet would be too hard. Have fun, experiment, and dive into your own delectable adventure! SEP 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: Botany Culture uses culinary and medicinal herbs in plant-based recipes. LINK

  • In the News: Pick Up Limes explores the wonderful world of spices and herbs (+ printable guide). LINK

  • Feeding Families: Mom Knows Best discusses safe/unsafe herbs and spices for babies and kids. LINK

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CAFOs: We've lost our way with animal husbandry.

October 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

Although I call myself a 95% WPF advocate, I've become more educated via the ethical vegan community. I've felt revulsion while watching films, videos, and reports on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (aka food-animal factories), where 90%+ experience cruel lives. Be brave. Please don't look away. OCT 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: Cookie + Kate created 15 healthy, vegetarian and vegan pumpkin recipes. LINK

  • In the News: Sentient Media lists 30 important reasons for going vegan (animals, Earth, etc). LINK

  • Feeding Families: World of Vegan is generous with oodles of links for animal-loving kids. LINK

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Batch Cooking: The art (and science) of food prep.

November 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

I'm grateful for learning how to cook baseline ingredients in large amounts in professional catering kitchens. People who love plants are often skilled at making sure they're well-prepared with weekly food prep. Marry the science of acid-heat-sweet-savory with the art of shapes-sizes-timing-color. NOV 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: Plant Based Foodie offers a no-oil, root-veggie recipe for the holidays. LINK

  • In the News: Center for Nutrition Studies navigates us through batch cooking and meal prep. LINK

  • Feeding Families: Vegan Family Kitchen shares tips on how to start batch cooking (+ recipes). LINK

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Food Costs: 20 tips from a frugal chef on a budget.

December 2024 / by Cookhouse Hero

During the holidays when food costs increase, I can still stick to my budget by mostly cooking at home. There are also tips that help people think like a chef. Mimic professional kitchens by keeping a close eye on inventory tracking and control, proper organization/storage, waste control, and having a plan. DEC 2024


  • Real Food Recipes: Rainbow Plant Life shares 40 (relatable/affordable) vegan holiday recipes. LINK

  • In the News: Better Homes & Gardens shows easy ways to eat plant-based on a budget. LINK

  • Feeding Families: Plant-Based and Broke presents 15 easy, kid-friendly dessert recipes. LINK

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