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7 Steps for a WPF Lifestyle
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This guide can support your curiosity towards a possible hospital-free life. Bonus: food animals and the planet will thank you. From antioxidants and exercise to paying it forward and poop, check out info with links for rabbit-hole explorations.

1)  ANTIOXIDANTS - When we eat foods with antioxidants like berries, our blues have a fighting chance to fade.


2)  NITRIC OXIDE - When we eat nitrate-rich foods like arugula, kale, garlic, and parsley, our saliva and digestive system turn these foods into nitric oxide (NO). This gas makes our blood vessels larger, increases the amount of blood with each heartbeat, pumps more oxygen into muscles, and creates stronger bodies. Other antioxidant-rich foods are powerful, too. Of all the food heroes, green leafy veggies are the mother ship. So, join the Greens Brigade!


3)  FIBER + POOP - When we eat an abundance of fiber in the form of healthy carbohydrates like intact whole grains, beans, lentils, peas, and high-fiber fruits and veggies like raspberries and artichokes, we reduce inflammation, feed a healthy gut microbiome, and clean out our system through regular and healthy poop. Fiber also makes us feel fuller for longer periods, so we tend not to over-eat or stress-eat. Bonus: a high-fiber diet greatly supports long-term weight loss.


4)  FITNESS + SLEEP - When we take a walk, dance, do yoga, play sports, or pump iron, our body and brain get an abundance of life-giving oxygen. Exercise also supports a clear mind to deal with life's challenges and helps us sleep.

5)  UNPLUGGING - When we add meditation, breathing, and/or being outside to our daily habits, cortisol levels caused by stress decrease and our balance and equilibrium increase. The vagus nerve, which runs from the base of the cranium to the intestines, regulates the sympathetic nervous system (ie fight or flight) and the parasympathetic system (ie rest + digest). Unplugging, breathing, singing/humming, and being outdoors can positively affect our ability to thrive.

6)  LOVE + SUPPORT - When we join a community of understanding and like-minded individuals, isolation tends to take a back seat and support tends to become abundant. Love and partnerships are powerful (conversely, remaining in unhealthy relationships is harmful). Paying it forward can create emotional, physiological, and psychological health, too.


7)  HAZARDS TO AVOID - When we cut out (or at least significantly decrease) processed foods, faux-vegan foods, junk foods, food additives, tobacco, high-fructose beverages, foods that cause inflammation, overly fatty-sugary-salty foods, animals, and animal products… our energy levels increase in a BIG way, and our world-views can become rosier.


Cookhouse Hero asks you to consider this... We have a fighting chance to not only turn around our own health, but also to make the world a more ethical and sustainable place for food-animals and Earth. Let's support global health, animal welfare, and eco-systems. While we're at it, let's add in daily doses of kindness + gratitude towards others.

About 1/3 of the global population eats plants...  as a PRIMARY source of nutrition. Cool. Let's have more! There are many ways to create inexpensive, delicious, and satisfying plant-based food without using animals, animal products, or faux-vegan ingredients that satisfy even the most ardent omnivores. No, really. Need support? LMK

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