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Ready for a Deeper Dive? 

(we don't know what we don't know, you know?)

Frankly... dieting, addiction, and knowing about some of the harsher realities connected to food education can be maddening. It's frustrating to read one respected advocate's reality contradict another respected advocate's reality. Even worse, seeing some celebrity doctors and other so-called experts deceive the public can be painful to watch. I sense there's too much smoke and too many mirrors caused by both hidden agendas and lack of knowledge. Plus, nutrition and fitness are new sciences in terms of human history and as it turns out, our bodies are as complicated as the known universe. While saving the world (!), I'm committed to living a hospital-free life, and the WPF path seems to be the most effective way to make that happen. Along with many others who've experienced a transformation, I'm proof that plants rock.

I reversed type-2 diabetes and lost a lot of weight through a WPF diet and lifestyle, without pills, powders, potions, or counting carbs and calories. I did it without a doctor - just books, websites, and YouTube videos. Maybe it's time to mandate food science in medical schools?

Of course, there's so much we still don't know. That's why deep dives into any significant research claims about foods, beverages, and fitness are encouraged. I focus on nutrition studies which are randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials, the gold standard of research. Even better if trials are double-blind (see Research Studies + Glossary). So, the next time you read a beef or beer or butter study that "proves" they're healthy for us, well, I think you get the picture (I hope you do). Is it any wonder that we tend to distrust science and have thrown in the tea towel? Bad science, that is.

What I've learned since 1975 when I read my first book on the connection between plants and health, is that the whole plant foods diet and lifestyle is the only one shown to reverse chronic diseases LONG-TERM. This is key, otherwise we're back on the merry-go-round of short-term, often nutrient-deficient, and potentially harmful regimens. When French baguette, sushi, pizza margherita, or craft beer clinical trials produce the same outcomes as WPF interventions, I'm in!

Unfortunately, I've discovered that much of the food, beverage, medicine, education, and public health circus is a racket, costing millions of preventable deaths worldwide... and we're the guinea pigs.

Here are seven potential obstacles which could create a reluctance to learn more about food and beverage education:


  • our reptilian brain thinks we're still living in caves and almost starving, so it wants us to overeat calorie-dense food. 

  • it's confusing to know whom to trust due to industry-funded studies, media click-bait, and conflicting information. 

  • it pushes up against addictions we might not even know we have (addiction is far more common than we realize).

  • it's less effort to take a pill prescribed by someone in a white jacket and paid for via invisible insurance companies.

  • it's difficult for people to change choices and habits, go grocery shopping, and cook plant-powered meals at home. 

  • it's contrary to some cultural realities, self/cultural identities, religious practices, and friends + family traditions. 

  • it's inconceivable for many people to realize and accept that we're being deceived on purpose for profit.

As if these obstacles weren't enough...

  • financially-backed lobbyists

  • highly manipulative marketing campaigns

  • politically motivated dietary guidelines

  • carb-fearing celebrities + doctors

  • nutritionally inexperienced healthcare providers

  • sexy restaurants + bartenders

  • supplement and snake-oil gurus

... are powerful.

Thank goodness it does get easier with time, inspired by feeling lighter, healthier, and more ALIVE with every bite of beans, greens, berries, and broccoli. Finally, it's one thing to be convinced about plants as a primary food group, but it's quite another to judge others. We don't know what we don't know until we know it... right? We don't understand something until we eventually do. In a walnut shell, that's education.

Cookhouse Hero believes that ALL positive solutions towards healthier people, happier animals, and more stable eco-systems are welcome, even ones that don't quite resonate. Let's kindly recognize that we all have to navigate our own path and process. I hope Cookhouse Hero - Food Education for All inspires you to embrace more whole plants - for yourself, for your community, for food animals, and for Mother Earth.

Try WPF for a few months, go all in, and then trust your gut... quite literally.

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