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Cyber Shopping

(bulk is the bomb)

A friend of mine has boycotted Amazon for three reasons which I understand. One is their method of selling products at an extreme loss in order to gain a high market share, two is the prevalent monopoly factor, and third is an aversion to Jeff Bezos. At present, there's no real competition greater. Actually, I'm not a big fan of cyber-shopping in general. Touching knives and cutting boards, feeling the texture of an orange, and hanging out with horseradish are enjoyable for me. Since I like supporting independent and family-owned businesses, I shop directly from vendors as much as my budget allows.

I guess I feel the same way as my friend and would include Walmart in the conversation. At the same time, I get it that some people would not survive without a local Walmart including my mom, who lived in a very small town where the only affordable food market was a Walmart Superstore, a 30-minute drive away. It's not a clear-cut and dry argument, so this can feel like a double edged sword. Life is complex. 

I'm not advocating for people to boycott companies, nor am I taking a stance for or against

the impacts of a free-market economy. That said... purchasing has immense and proven power. 

Instead, I'm talking from a pragmatic point of view, because I care that everyone can afford and enjoy fiber-rich, nutrient-dense whole plant foods for life (and not be forced to travel crazy-far distances to do so). We all have to live with our choices which are between us and karma, our conscience, and the Universe. I bet you didn't think shopping was so, like, deep man. Well, sometimes it is. We do have power in our hands; our unified shopping choices could save the world. 

Here are some brands that I've been happy with so far, and many of them are not so expensive either. Although I tend to cook about 90% to 95% of the food I eat, there are a couple WPF pre-packaged goods on this list that get the green light. Also, Cookhouse Hero does not receive any kickbacks or compensation from these brands. In my experience, they're just good. Note: Trader Joe's offers in-store shopping only. 

  • Aldi - tomato paste, salsa, artichoke hearts, frozen products, various Simply Nature products, paper products

  • Amy's - mostly organic, prepared foods (includes dairy foods)

  • Anna and Sarah - dried fruits, goji berries, raw nuts, raw seeds

  • Bob's Red Mill - intact whole grains, hot cereals, WPF flours

  • Delba + Mestermacher GmbH - German rye-based breads (can be found at Aldi, too)

  • Engine 2 Plant Strong - pre-cooked and pre-packaged WPF

  • Food for Life - Ezekiel brand breads, cereals, tortillas, pita bread

  • Food to Live - intact whole grains, spices, sprouting seeds (mix)

  • Forks Over Knives - Frozen Bowls (check out site where to purchase as this new product has limited availability - please consider asking for it at your local markets!)

  • Mulberry Lane Farm - hulled barley, date sugar, raw nuts

  • Nature Made - B12, D3, and other supplements

  • Swanson - amla powder supplements (Indian gooseberries)

  • Trader Joe's - (in-store shopping only) edamame, dairy-free 72% dark chocolate chips, plant-based milk, cooking wine, some pre-packaged products, Ezekiel breads, herbs, spices, vinegars, mustards, furikake, cleaning products

  • Wasabröd - Swedish crackers

  • We Got Nuts - raw nuts, raw seeds, dried fruits

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