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Even More About Diets + Disease


Feeling Blue? / What are Blue Zones? / Code Blue / Natural + Alternative Options / Meet a Reducetarian / A Doctor's Why - Dr Klaper's story / Hispanic Heritage

Feeling Blue?

Isolation, loneliness, and depression are reaching epidemic proportions, as our world has become more addicted to electronic devices and social media. We're also experiencing polarizations within our communities and navigating life through violence and a pandemic. Whew. Need a boost? Blueberries can help the blues.

What are Blue Zones*?
Blue Zones are five regions of the world, as reported by adventurer Dan Buettner, where a higher than usual number of people lived longer than average. The term first appeared in the November 2005 National Geographic magazine cover story, The Secrets of a Long Life. These long-lifers ate a mostly plant-based diet. Today, as these populations have shifted to the standard Western Diet via fast foods etc, only the Loma Linda, CA population remains a Blue Zone as they've continued to eat predominantly whole plant foods.
Code Blue
(how lifestyle medicine can save the world)

Code Blue is an eye-opening documentary that sheds light on medical schools' blind obsession with pills and surgeries, and offers evidence-based info on preventing and treating chronic lifestyle diseases. Big Food, Big Beverage, Big Education, Big Pharma, and Big Medicine have a lot of explaining to do. 

"The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease."

- Voltaire, French Enlightenment Philospher (died 1778)

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Natural + Alternative Options

When my immune system shut down in my teens and twenties from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle as well as too many antibiotic prescriptions, I learned about golden seal and echinacea flowers. I also learned that these natural remedies can come with side effects if overused. Plus, I'm a fan of Chinese, Japanese, and French acupuncture which I've used for old sports injuries and back pain with success. US insurance policies don't usually pay for these solutions as they're not connected to The System, but I was fortunate to have received these insurance-approved options when I lived overseas.

Hispanic Heritage

Latinos in the US are 50% more likely to die from diabetes than non-Latino whites. One reason would be the introduction of meat, dairy, and lard into their traditional plant-based diet by Spanish conquerors. The Standard American Diet also plays a role. What to do? Embrace heritage foods: rice, corn, beans, quinoa, and potatoes. 

A Doctor's Why

Some experts in the plant-based community share why they left conventional medicine and chose the road less traveled in lifestyle and integrative medicine: they were NOT curing their patients with pills and procedures. Their deep frustration is palpable. Now, they're badass truth-tellers and saving the world.

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Meet a Reducetarian

Watch an entertaining TEDx talk by Brian Kateman, an insightful young man who offers food for thought about taking steps towards eating less animals and stopping factory animal farms. His POV could unify various approaches towards eating plants, while focusing on health, animal welfare, and eco-systems. 

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