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Full List of FAQs



  • If I stop eating animals and animal products, how do I get enough protein? (#1 question of all time)

  • My cousin lost 42 pounds doing Atkins and told me that carbs are unhealthy. Is that true? (#2)

  • Are supplements recommended for plant-based eaters? (#3)

  • If a WPF diet safe for kids and the elderly - don't they have unique nutritional needs?

  • I'm vegetarian and eat eggs and cheese. Aren't these foods healthier than meat?




  • Plant-focused diets seem to teach an all-or-nothing approach. What's your 95% WPF approach?

  • What's the difference between being vegan and being whole plant-based? It's so confusing!

  • What foods and beverages are included in a whole plant foods diet?

  • I've been vegan for three years, but I'm still overweight and often feel tired. What's up?

  • How can I convince my picky kids to eat food heroes like broccoli and green leafy veggies




  • What about stress, sleep, and relationships? I've read these things have a major impact, too.

  • Why are "everything in moderation" and "the 80-20 rule" not recommended approaches?

  • I've heard that a plant-based diet is expensive. Is that true? I'm on a strict budget.


  • If a whole plant foods diet can reverse chronic diseases, why don't doctors know about it?

  • I'm taking medication for type-2 diabetes. How can I reverse this disease without pills?

  • Obesity and breast cancer run in my family. Are these conditions inevitable for me, too?




  • How much and what kind of exercise/movement should I do to create optimal health and longevity?

  • It seems athletes are particularly targeted by powder, supplement, and animal-protein gurus. Can athletes achieve their fitness goals on a whole plant foods diet?


Habits + Behaviors


  • How can I learn to enjoy shopping and cooking?

  • Is food addiction the same as other addictions?

  • Why is cooking at home so important? I'm not giving up restaurants (CH says: me, neither).

  • How do I transition to a WPF or vegan diet if my family and/or friends aren't on board?


Food for Thought


  • How can farmers and ranchers transition from raising animals to growing primarily plants?

  • Why are some vegan activists so militant and preachy about animals and climate change?

  • What do you think about faux-vegan foods like vegan cheese, Beyond burgers, and soy ice cream? 

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