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Here's the dirt on dirt.

(we need to stop treating our soil like dirt)

Did you know... that the very best way to keep our soil healthy is through these farming methods below? How our ancestors farmed long ago has somehow been forgotten by some farmers. Good news: farmers are learning once again what works best for our soil. Healthy soil = healthy food = healthy humans = happy farmers. 


What is Drip Irrigation? / What is Regenerative Agriculture? / What are Cover Crops? / What is No-Till Farming?

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What is... 

Drip Irrigation?

(water solution)

The US EPA - Environmental Protection Agency - is responsible for knowing about things like water use and conservation. They say up to 50% of water that farms use outdoors is lost to wind, runoff, and evaporation due to wasteful irrigation methods like the ones many farmers use today.


In 1965, drip irrigation was developed by Simcha Blass in Israel, which is in a desert climate. It's regulated by a device called a dripper. This squirts just the right amount of water directly above the roots - not too much, not too little... just right (like Goldilocks).

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What are...

 Cover Crops? 

(winter solution)

From Wikipedia: "In agriculture, cover crops are a variety of plants grown to cover the soil... and aren't used for being harvested and eaten. Cover crops manage soil erosion, soil fertility, soil quality, water, weeds, carbon, pests, diseases, biodiversity, and wildlife in an 'agro-ecosystem' (a system shaped by humans)." 

Cover crops like clover, alfalfa, radishes, turnips, grasses, and peas help build the soil's universe down below. This is needed to keep bugs and worms and good bacteria happy when fields aren't in use (like in winter). This also creates higher harvest yields.

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What is... 

Regenerative Agriculture?

(omnivorous solution)

This is an omnivorous farming and ranching solution. This includes soil health, animal husbandry, and fair labor practices. This solution is not a whole plant foods method (and includes feeding people who eat things with eyes). But it's a positive step towards repairing our depleted soil, dirty and unkind industrial animal factories, and lack of fairness for farmers and ranchers. 

Now, organic food is available and a new certification, Regenerative Certified Organic, has even higher standards than the more common Certified Organic. Omnivorous means: all things are eaten. 

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What is... 

No-Till Farming?

(ancient solution) 

A long, long time ago... our ancestors used no-till farming  methods to create soil health. Today, this practice is returning. More farmers are leaving the soil alone and letting nature take care of the soil between seasons. This method:  


  • reduces soil erosion

  • keeps water in the soil for longer periods

  • prevents chemicals from getting into the soil

  • increases harvest yields (and uses less labor)

  • leaves crop bio-mass residue on the soil surface 

  • contributes to less climate change

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