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Let's eat and live as if all LIFE depends on it.

Wherever we are right now, we can move forward with a YES on our lips towards becoming healthier humans. From bio-chemistry and beans to protein and poop, Cookhouse Hero - Food Education for All encourages everyone to take a moment and think about the food on our fork. All forms of life are precious, and we have an opportunity to change, well... almost everything we think, feel, say, and do. It's a massive, seemingly insurmountable yet possible order, I know. And the first step is admitting out loud that the status quo doesn't work and has created the mess we're in. Then... 


To start (or deepen) our adventure, we can add zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, and fresh garlic to our favorite meat lasagna recipe. We can start a new habit such as Dairy-Free Dinners. We can learn about food systems, nutrition, fitness, cooking, cultural realities, farming, eco-systems, and more. We have a real chance to create forward momentum that would have an impact on future generations. Or, we can entrench into our precious comfort zones.  

“And people who were seen dancing are thought to be insane

by those who can't hear the music."

- Unknown

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The trend towards eating plants and waking up to the realities of our sometimes unhealthy, unkind, and unwise food choices is increasing. Why? I think it's because we have a strong instinct to survive. I also sense that our inner wisdom already knows what nutritious foods are (even if our addictions fight this). We make choices every time we shop, cook, eat out, and put food into our mouth. Eat plants, don't eat plants. Eat animals, don't eat animals. There's no Food Police forcing us to embrace Food + Fitness as Medicine, and no 'miracle cure' for all that ails us, food animals, and Earth. 


Top Five Personal Takeaways


  • DATA + INFO: I've reluctantly accepted the unfortunate reality that deception via mis/disinformation campaigns is rampant and intentional. Whitewashing and greenwashing marketing tactics, research laboratories and schools and public institutions fraught with conflicts of interest, smoke-and-mirrors data manipulations, and lawmakers who look the other way... are all real. Yes, there are some powerful people making some dangerous decisions. Sadly, they don't seem to care enough about human health, food-animal welfare, and stable eco-systems. 

  • HEALTH: after I learned that a WPF diet is the only approach clinically shown to reverse a slew of chronic diseases and conditions, I recognized that this then needs to be the universal health standard from which to compare the relative nutritional value of all other regimens. Other approaches have some merit, but they fall short in providing extraordinary outcomes that are possible with whole plants. Classic veganism, 80/20 moderation, Mediterranean Diet, Noom, and other plant-forward programs are positive steps. However, they pale in comparison. 

  • WEIGHT LOSS: a WPF diet is not only achievable, affordable, and adventurous, it also offers healthy weight loss for life. I discovered that eating foods today that I'll eat for the rest of my life is key. No bells and whistles. Just plants. 

  • FIVE-PART SYMPHONY: a WPF diet and lifestyle is like a five-part symphony of life, providing fiber-rich, nutrient-dense, life-promoting 1) whole plants. This also includes: 2) fitness, 3) sleep, 4) unplugging, and 5) love/support.

  • FLAVORS: it takes 2 to 4 months to physiologically shift our taste buds from being numb to being aware of flavors. 

As a seasoned chef and mostly recovered food junkie, finally tasting the actual  flavor profiles of Honeycrisp apples in season, button mushrooms with fresh garlic and leeks, and black bean veggie burritos with whole wheat tortillas and salsa verde... is the best part of  diving into a WPF diet!

Sage Advice from Plant-Based Pioneer, Dr Ornish:


eat well


move more


stress less

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love more

Thank goodness cooking and eating primarily plants gets easier with time, via feeling lighter, more focused, calmer, healthier, and more ALIVE with every bite of beans, greens, berries, and broccoli. Also, please keep in mind that it's one thing to be convinced about plants as a primary food group, but it's quite another to judge others. We don't know what we don't know until we know it... right? We don't understand something until we eventually do. In a walnut shell, that's education. In addition, let's all fully recognize our local and global sense of urgency to make smart changes. Like, NOW.

Cookhouse Hero believes that ALL positive solutions towards healthier people, happier animals, and more stable eco-systems are welcome, even ones that don't quite resonate. Let's kindly accept that we all have to navigate our own path and process. I hope Cookhouse Hero - Food Education for All inspires you to embrace more whole plants - for yourself, for your community, for food animals, and for Mother Earth. 


Or... we can dig even deeper into our calamitous comfort zones, again and again and again ad nauseum.

Cookhouse Hero asks you to consider... that WPF, food/bev/food-systems education, and fitness are smart ways for creating a possible hospital-free life. Prioritizing the act of shopping (or via a plant-based delivery service if your budget allows) and cooking and eating whole plants are things we can all do. Or not. Again, there's no Supreme High Council making us cook, exercise, support food animals, and save the planet from our misguided and/or addictive behaviors. 


Finally, let's get comprehensive nutrition studies mandated in ALL medical schools. Let's choose personal, community, and global health for all humans. Let's be kinder to food animals. Let's listen to our planet's cry for help. And let's eat plants in great variety and abundance, tell the truth fearlessly, and save the world! Need support? LMK. Try WPF for a few months, go all in, and then trust your gut... quite literally. Whole plant foods. No bells and whistles... just plants.  

So... what's for supper tonight?

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Thank you for your time, effort, and contributions!

Danke. Gracias. Dziękuję Ci. Merci. Obrigada. Asante. Kiitos. Děkuji. Mahalo iā ʻoe. Grazie. Tack. Bedankt.

감사합니다.  谢谢你.  благодарю вас.  متشکرم.  धन्यवाद.  ありがとうございました.

"We should live with the conviction: I wasn't born for one particular corner - the whole world is my home country."

- Seneca, Roman Stoic Philosopher (died 65 AD)

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