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Heads Up!


Oh, nuts! / Oh, love! / Oh, hazards! / Oh, food! / Oh, activities! / Oh, education! / Oh, suppertime! / Oh, gardens!


Oh, nuts!

Heads up. When a nut, seed, nut butter, seed butter, or nut milk is included throughout the KidZone, there is a RED * next to it. Please manage this info as needed.

Oh, love!

Heads up. There are two sections which I feel the need to point out. One is located on the Love + Relationships page, Let's Talk About Love, Baby here, and has an external link with a list of foods that support a healthy libido. There are also two playful references to being better in bed because of plants, located on the Fitness + Exercise page in the text of Badass Dragon Slayer and in the video itself here. Again, please manage this as you wish. 


Oh, hazards!

Heads up. Looking for a quick reference about the main danger zones in foods and beverages? Check out Common Food + Beverage Hazards here. This page is recommended for becoming more educated about some common food and bev risks. 

Oh, food!

Heads up. Food Heroes (aka superfoods) are essential for creating longevity, optimal health, and overall nutrition for all humans, especially kids who are still growing. Don't miss Cookhouse Hero's 21 Favorite Food Heroes here. Included are food science factoids and dishes made with these foods. 

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Oh, activities!

Heads up. The Activities + Adventures page is designed for grown-ups and kids. For activities involving food and knives, it's advised to focus on safety first. For older kids, they can probably handle these fun ventures on their own or with little supervision. Kids will learn more about math, food science, fitness, and creativity... and they'll have fun!

Oh, education!

Heads up. In addition to CH content links, check out 26 resources for a variety of educators and people who want to learn more. From plant-based cooking for kids to a master's degree program in plant-based nutrition and food systems, check out these recommended resources to become a Cookhouse Hero student/educator and save the world. 

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Oh, suppertime!

Heads up. Studies show that children who experience regular family meals, do better in school, sports, and extracurricular activities. Consistently sitting down with your family at mealtimes also contributes to kids having less cases of substance abuse, theft, truancy, and juvenile incarceration. Even within crazy-busy families, try to prioritize focused family time at breakfast, lunch, supper, and/or picnics. Also consider making meals free of electronics...

Oh, gardens!

Heads up. There are many ways to get kids excited about food. One is showing them how plants grow in soil, water, or even via the air (aeroponics). Sprouting is one way to inspire their imaginations, too. Check out a dozen fun garden activities to do with your kids here. Get your green thumb in gear!

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