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Blind Taste Test

(IMPORTANT: first, find out if your partner has any food/beverage allergies!)

Getting Started...

Materials needed:


  • Scarf or anything that completely covers the eyes

  • Paper and pen (or pencil) - or use your laptop or smart phone notebook function

  • Table and chair

  • Dry tea towel or paper towels 

  • Damp tea towel or washcloth (for wiping hands if needed)

  • Spoons (teaspoons and/or tablespoons)

  • Cups or glasses if you are going to include beverages

  • A glass of water for rinsing the mouth between tastes


Suggested foods - any kind of food works... here are some ideas to get you started:




raisins (any dried fruit)

carrots + celery


zucchini (any squash)

salad greens

red or green onions


ginger root

bell peppers



peanut butter*

walnuts* (pepitas* etc)




vinegar (any kind)


garlic, peeled and diced



whole wheat bread

cooked whole wheat pasta

cooked brown rice

cooked beans (any kind)

ground black pepper

ground turmeric


cumin + curry 

maple syrup

tomato paste

Suggested beverages (optional) - here are some ideas to get you started:

water with lemon juice

orange + apple juice 

tomato juice

decaf iced tea

cold herbal tea 

cold decaf coffee


Let's Do It...


  • Choose 8 (or more!) items from the list above (or any food items of your choice). Set them aside in a secret place. Make sure your partner does not see what you have chosen.

  • Wash your hands with warm, soapy water for about 20 seconds (sing happy birthday).

  • Prepare, clean, cut, peel, and/or cook food items, as needed. 

  • Set up a table, chair, paper, and pen (or laptop/phone). Invite your friend or family member to sit down.

  • Blindfold your friend or family member who is the "taster" /  "test subject". 

  • Make sure they're comfortable but can't see anything.

  • Place food items on plates, in bowls, and/or in individual containers. 

  • Ask your taster if they are comfortable and ready to begin. Again, ask if they have any food allergies or sensitivities (nuts*, soy, strawberries, etc).



  • There are several ways to do this. You can feed your test subject. You can have your test subject pick up food items on a plate in front of them (you can gently guide their hands to the food). Or, a combination. Decide what works best for you, for your partner, and for each food item tasted. 

  • For things like vinegar, peanut butter, and salt, best is to put a very small amount of these items on a spoon and gently feed your blindfolded taster. Make sure you let them know that you are going to do this. Make sure they're ready for each food or beverage item. Go slowly and be gentle! NEVER ever surprise or harm your partner, no matter how "funny" you think that might be. Like, never... GOT IT?!  

  • Have them drink a sip of water, to rinse out their mouth between tastes and get ready for the next item. 

  • Ask the taster if each item is: sweet, salty, bitter, or sour. 

  • Ask if they know what the food is and can name it. 

  • Write their answers on a piece of paper to see how many they could guess. Could they guess what the food (and beverage) items are and if something is sweet, salty, bitter, or sour?

  • Clean up your area well and put everything away where it belongs. Cookhouse Heroes are clean and organized creatures!

  • Next time, you can be the blindfolded taster and your friend or family member can be the tester.

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