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Food Art

(get permission to work with a knife... or ask a grown-up to join you)

Getting Started...

Safety first:


  • Wash your hands with warm, soapy water for about 20 seconds (sing happy birthday).

  • Put on an apron or wear clothes you can get messy.

  • Make sure that all surfaces and materials are cleaned before starting.

  • Get a damp cloth ready for wiping down surfaces while creating your masterpieces.

Materials needed:


  • 1 - cutting board (if it's not secure, put a small, damp cloth underneath it)

  • 1 - pairing knife (older kids who have more knife skills can use a six-inch chef knife, too)

  • 1 - vegetable peeler (optional)

  • 1 - plate, platter, or cutting board as a "canvas"

  • 1 - cloth or sponge, damp

  • 1 - tea towel, dry

  • paper towels 

  • "garbage bowl" for scraps or compost (such as the ends of carrots, etc)

  • toothpicks

  • short/long wooden skewers (optional)

  • kitchen scissors or strong regular scissors

Food suggestions:

There are many different kinds of foods you can use to make food art. Here is a list of more common foods that are fun to play with. You can use any kind of food you want. Well, not everything - pasta sauce would be kinda messy!

banana, firm


strawberries + blueberries

melon (various types work)

red, green, and yellow bell peppers

cherry tomatoes




green beans



onion family (red onion, green onion, leeks, etc)



corn (loose, not corn on the cob)

peas - snow peas, snap peas, peas

Brussels sprouts

lemons + limes + oranges

bay leaf (aka bay laurel)


pasta, uncooked (various shapes, colors, and sizes work)

dried beans (various shapes, colors, and sizes work)

crackers, pita bread, tortillas, and/or bread sticks

edible flowers (yes, you can eat some flowers!)

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(Mother Nature is a fabulous food artist, too!)

Let's Do It...


  • Think of something you'd like to make. Some examples might be: a landscape, a beach, a face, a building, an animal, an image of outer space, or a super hero. You can also do a "self-portrait" and create your own image. Or, use one of the examples at the bottom of this page (or online) for inspiration.

  • Think about the colors, shapes, and composition of the finished image you'd like to create.

  • Draw this image first on a piece of paper for reference (if that helps). 

  • Choose some food items from the list above that will be useful for your design. Again, many kinds of foods work, and you can use whatever you have in your kitchen.

  • Dive in and allow your creative juices to flow (try not to think too much... just create and have fun).

  • Use the toothpicks (and skewers if you have some) to connect items if you want.

  • Use the paper towels to easily hold onto items if they are a bit slippery, as well as to dry items before working with them. This makes some foods easier to work with.


  • Take a photo of your finished piece of art. You might become a well-known artist some day (you never know)! 

  • Eat any foods that might go bad quickly like cut up strawberries and bananas (make sure they're clean to eat).

  • For storage: carefully return uneaten food to various containers OR put the food back in their original container/bag etc. Definitely get help from your caregivers during this step. 

  • For clean up: thoroughly clean/wash your work station, knife, cutting board, garbage bowl, and anything else you used. Toss garbage and recycle/compost as needed. 

  • Put everything away where it belongs. Everything, ok?

NOTE: the cleaner and more organized your kitchen is when you're done, the more likely your caregivers will let you do this again and again. Cookhouse Heroes are clean, safe, and organized in the kitchen!

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