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Our planet is gorgeous. It's filled with majestic mountains, awesome oceans, and radiant rainbows. It's also filled with storms, tornados, floods, fires, and a bunch of other weather conditions. One really clever solution to create more stable and sustainable eco-systems is eating lots of whole plants! Also, it's heart-healthy to UNPLUG from scrolling and screens and then: hang out on hillsides, move your body, dance, breathe deeply, sleep well, laugh and sing out loud, and eat a lot of plants. Please consider eating more beans, greens, berries, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and apples!


Compost + Landfill /  Never Give Up / Healthy Soil = Life / Carbon Footprints + Cannellini Beans / Kinda Like a Pie in the Face?



coastal waters

mountain lakes

river gorges

  What goes around comes around...


Compost + Land-Fill

Americans toss out about 35% of food as waste. That's about 80 billion pounds of food (36.2 billion kilos). This means each person on average wastes 220 pounds of food every year (99.7 kilos). Wow, really?! Mother Nature ought to punish us for being so naughty.   

There are solutions towards a greener world: recycling, composting organic materials and waste, and daily water conservation. When we put carrot and potato peels in the normal garbage or garbage disposal, our land-fill creates a poisonous gas called methane. Oops.

Never Give Up

We can't give up, every effort counts, ALL positive solutions are welcome, and what we eat and drink matters. I'm a 'realist' who doesn't see the glass as half empty or half full. Instead, I see a serious situation that needs our wise attention and tender loving care. 


Like, right now. 

Let's listen to the people who are already focusing on and creating solutions that work for the long-term health and stability of Mother Earth. We can and need to change. In the words of Winston Churchill: never give in, never, never, never, never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty. Make an impact!

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Healthy Soil = Life

Here's the dirt on dirt: cover crops during winter, proper crop rotation, no-till farming, organic farming, regenerative agriculture, and water conservation - these are some of the smart solutions which are currently having a positive impact on soil and climate. 

With current farming methods, our depleted soil worldwide has about 60 years left. By 2050, approximately ten billion homo-sapiens will need to eat food. Healthy soil equals carbon equals life. Effective soil-health solutions are happening now! In case you missed Farming, click here

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food gardening

community spirit

ancient redwoods

whole plants

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Carbon Footprints + Cannellini Beans

(how we live + what we eat matters)

We are: what we absorb, what we eat, what we breathe in, what we think + feel + say + do, and what we eliminate and waste every day. So, what does "carbon footprint" mean? 

 A LOWER carbon footprint is POSITIVE and a HIGHER carbon footprint is more NEGATIVE

A carbon footprint is the impact each person or process makes in the world. This impact is felt on land use, resources, waste, pollution, conservation, food animals, waterways, eco-systems, etc...

We have a direct connection to the health or illness of the natural resources on Earth. We are ALL connected to the living plants, animals, and humans who live here. So, one solution for creating stable eco-systems is the mighty bean! Not only are beans nutritious food heroes, they leave a very low carbon footprint. WAY less water/resources are used!

Kinda Like a Pie in the Face ?

Sometimes learning about how fast Mother Earth is changing feels kinda like a pie in the face! Then, I learn about all the solutions that are happening around the world and I feel hopeful. We human beings are smart, creative, and innovative - so I feel a profound  sense of hope that we'll keep figuring out how to solve problems. Three things to remember:  


  1. food and beverage knowledge can create positive change.

  2. food education can make us stronger, smarter, and healthier.

  3. one solution we can do every day is eat more whole plants.

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BONUS  1: 

On this page, there are 12 photos with titles underneath... 

choose one (or more), and then: 1) learn about it, 2) write about it, and/or 3) make it happen!



  • rainbows

  • droughts

  • ancient redwoods

  • river gorges


Learn about rainbows and why we say Roy G Biv. Learn about water shortages, the largest trees on Earth, or the power of water. 


  • community spirit

  • coastal waters

  • mountain lakes

  • woodlands


Write a paragraph or a poem. Write about volunteer work (or something you want to do). Write about the beach, lakes, or the woods. 


  • recycling

  • food gardening

  • camping

  • whole plants


Improve your family's recycling. Start growing food at home and cooking with whole plant foods. Connect to nature and go camping. 


Add these vocab words to your notebook... what do they mean?

  • to erode 

  • heart-healthy

  • to recycle 

  • to compost 

  • methane gas

  • cover crops

  • homo-sapien 

  • innovative

  • profound 

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