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A Love Letter to Farmers + Ranchers / What's up with ANIMALS? / What's up with PLANTS? / What's up with WATER? /  What is Vertical Farming?


A Love Letter to Farmers + Ranchers

I've always admired farmers and ranchers. Thank you farmers, ranchers, farm workers, and ranch hands everywhere. Your daily sacrifices have kept us all alive for a long, long time. So, how can we support farmers and ranchers who want to shift their land towards growing powerful plants? 


Let's take a moment and think about this question. Maybe we can find solutions to support sustainable alternatives. First, let's ALL listen and learn with our Big Heart and Big Brain wide open. I've learned that positive change usually starts with a conversation... typically at a kitchen table. I'll bring delish and nutrish snacks!



What's up with 

(we've lost our way)

Turns out... about 90%+ of the world's food animals (like pigs, chickens, turkeys, cows, and fish) are farmed in industrial factory farms. This kind of animal husbandry is, well... kinda unkind. Some animals live ok lives, while MOST sadly live in unnatural, dirty, and cramped conditions. Seriously cruel environments. For the last 50+ years, we seem to have lost our way with how we raise food animals.


What's up with

(plants to the rescue!)

Turns out... diseases from being over-weight, eating too much fat, and not moving our bodies enough... are inspiring people to grow and eat more plants for health! Plants like fruits, veggies, grains, beans, lentils, nuts*, and seeds* are smart solutions for: using less water and land resources, being kinder to food animals, and creating healthier lives for people who munch on mangos. 


What's up with 

(a precious resource)

Turns out... about 3% of the water in the world is fresh and delicious for drinking. Much of it comes from the polar caps, which are melting because the earth has gotten warmer recently. We can save water resources in the soil by smart farming methods like cover crops and drip irrigation. We can conserve water in many ways. This includes taking shorter showers and eating lots of whole plants. 

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What is Vertical Farming?

This method of farming happens indoors within a very controlled environment. Vertical farming makes plants grow with no-soil! There are two main methods: hydroponics (the roots of the plants drink nutrient-rich water), and aeroponics (the roots of the plants drink nutrient-rich mist in the air). Looks like engineers, inventors, and vertical farmers are working hard to reduce water/land use and grow nutritious plants.


The vocab words below are on this Farming page AND in the red button on the Your Community, Your World page, Farming Solutions! Here's the dirt on dirt. 

What do these farm-related words mean? Add these words to your notebook. 

  • sustainable

  • industrial

  • (whole) grains

  • polar caps

  • evaporation

  • irrigation

  • to regulate 

  • depleted soil

  • omnivorous

  • soil fertility

  • carbon

  • bio-diversity

  • harvest yield

  • no-till farming

  • bio-mass (residue)

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