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What's up with PLANTS ? 



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Food scientists observed that there are too many people on Earth - this is overpopulation. Because of this, food scientists, farmers, and ranchers have focused on creating food abundance to feed lots of humans. So, since around the 1930's, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides have been used to keep pests and diseases away from plants, so more food is grown.

But, these chemicals have a very harmful effect on the quality of our food, our health, and the health of Mother Earth. The soil, air, and waterways have been damaged because of these toxic chemicals. One smart solution is organic farming, which uses less toxic chemicals for growing plants. 


Have you ever eaten at a fast food restaurant? The US government gives money to farmers to grow corn and soy mono-crops. This means the same crop is planted in the same space year after year. This practice is killing the good stuff in our soil, because it's much better for the soil if farmers rotate crops. 


Then, presto! These mono-crops become unhealthy foods and drinks like: high-fructose corn syrup for soft drinks, soy oil for french fries, and grain for food animals. These animals are then turned into: chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, turkey bacon, and breakfast sandos. Also, too much salt, sugar, and fat are added to these foods which can make us sick.


Here's the thing about plants... Eating whole plant foods in abundance (and avoiding eating things with eyes and foods made from things with eyes) is very nutritious for you. In fact, eating whole plants in abundance is the ONLY way humans have learned how to reverse some diseases like: type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Yay, whole plant!

Growing plants also uses WAY less land and water. And, if we grow organically (with less chemicals), our soil, water, and air are better, too. Healthier for humans, healthier for Mother Earth. Eating plants is also a smart solution for other reasons like being kinder to food animals who need our help. 

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Fast Food Nation

Today, kids aren't eating enough plants! Instead, too many are eating fast food. Like, a lot... too much salt, too much sugar, and too much fat. Some kids are even getting grown-up diseases like type-2 diabetes and obesity caused by unhealthy food. Whoa. We probably need to say NO to fast food more often. But... large food and beverage companies create products to be addictive. This means we crave and need to have them. Some companies do this so that we'll buy more burgers, french fries, soda pop, and other processed junk foods. This type of manipulation doesn't seem very cool.

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radishes / carrots / broccoli / potatoes / cauliflower / eggplant (aubergine) / green beans / tomatoes / chilis / peas / bell peppers / sweet potatoes


What do these words mean? Add them to your notebook!



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crop rotation


organic farming



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