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What's up with WATER ?



Water 4 Soil. / Water 4 Animals. / Water 4 Humans / 10 Things We Can All Do!

water 4 soil. 

Solutions to keep water in our soil are happening today (check them out in Here's the dirt on dirt). We're wasting crazy amounts of water with old methods of farming. This waste is kinda bad for everyone and everything, everywhere. Again... hooray for effective solutions!

water 4 animals.

Making a hamburger uses so much water. Making bean chili uses way less water. Hmmm... Our water resources are being used up too fast. One reason is because we raise and eat way too many food animals. So, a smart solution to think about is eating more whole plants!

water 4 humans. 

The planet is getting warmer, so the polar ice caps are melting. This means there's less fresh water for humans. This can be fixed by farming our soil with less water, raising and eating less animals and animal products, and growing more whole plant foods!


10 things we can all do!

  1. Turn off the water when brushing your teeth.

  2. Take less baths - they use more water than showers.

  3. Take shorter showers - 5 minutes or less. 

  4. Only flush the toilet for number two (and keep the lid down!). 

  5. If you have a dishwasher, fill it up completely and use eco-setting. 

  6. Get cold water from the fridge - running a tap is wasteful. 

  7. Drink water instead of soda and juice - it takes more water to make soda and juice (and water is the BEST beverage for humans).

  8. Collect rain water and use it to water your plants and garden (if you have one).

  9. Wash your bike with a bucket and a rag, instead of using a hose (if you have one). 

  10. Eat more whole plant foods in abundance. 


  "Water is like a child... it always wants to be in motion."  

- Viraj Mahajan, Indian Author

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