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Let's Dance!

(family-friendly videos)

Don't love exercising? Live in a not-so-safe neighborhood, so walking may be hazardous to your health? Here's the perfect solution for moving your bodies and getting oxygen into your muscles and brain. Bravo film engineers, production crews, and music people everywhere. Fitness is fun!


  1. Stand up RIGHT NOW!!

  2. Click the links below...

  3. Crank up the volume...

  4. Show off your dance moves...

  5. March in place and take deep breaths while clicking to the next video!

28-Minute Workout

(stand!  click!  volume!  dance!  now!)

Kool + The Gang


Meghan Trainor


Kidz Bop - BTS


Taylor Swift


Pharrell Williams


Katy Perry


Los Lobos ft Andrés

Calamaro  7

Sara Bareilles


Sly + The Family Stone


  Fun with Language!

"And people who were seen dancing are thought to be insane 

by those who can't hear the music."

- Unknown


What does this quote about dancing and music mean to YOU? 

Can you think of any examples in your life, at your school, or in your community where this is seen or felt?

 Ask your bestie, fav teacher or coach, or family member what it means to them, too. 

Then, write down your own thoughts in your Cookhouse Hero notebook. 

There are no right or wrong answers... just food for thought.


This quote is a metaphor. Do you know what that is? Look it up and add it to your notebook!

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