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Meet Badass Farmers + Ranchers

Meet Mike Weaver

West Virginia-based Mike Weaver decided to finally quit contracting out to poultry corporations and converted his massive chicken warehouse into a growing facility for industrial hemp. Although he's going against the grain, he'll earn a higher income and employ four times as many people. Mike is part of the non-profit Transformation Project, which helps farmers shift from animal husbandry to growing sustainable crops for plant-based products.  

Meet Renee King-Sonnen

Texas-based Renee King-Sonnen is the founder of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary, which initiated the Ranchers Advocacy Program to help ranchers transition to growing plants. By connecting ranchers to investors, resources, educators, filmmakers, authors, attorneys, lobbyists, experts in manufacturing, and other plant-based advocates, Rowdy Girl Sanctuary and the RAP are pioneering, courageous, and innovative ventures.

Meet Howard Lyman

Montana-based 7000-head cattle rancher Howard Lyman woke up after getting very sick from chemicals used on his massive ranch. Today, he's a powerful proponent and champion of a vegan diet and educating ranchers on smart and profitable options which don't include animal husbandry. He is the subject of the film, Mad Cowboy: The Howard Lyman Story (2006), and travels around the world offering insights and inspiration. 

Meet 7 Meat + Dairy Farmers

Arkansas-based chicken and cattle farmers, the Barrett Family have opted for mushroom farming instead (via RAP support). The link below highlights more brave folks who are fed up with the corporate-controlled contract farming and ranching swindle. Exposing the 8-digit annual bonuses for food industry executives, the inability to make a living, and compassion towards animals, these pioneers clearly exemplify achievable options. 

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