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Cancel Culture and Education

"These are all teachable moments, missed like the last bus during a fierce thunderstorm, when windows of opportunity evaporate into the night."

- Cookhouse Hero

(Note from CH: this is an example of content that can be used in a variety of educational environments. The format is designed to be comprehensive yet not too dense, so that learners benefit from an overview of rather complex and in some cases, controversial subjects. It's a 22-minute read that covers everything from intersexuality to interviews, and in my humble opinion, it's well worth everyone's time. The Cookhouse Hero FAQs page is designed in a similar way, and includes more personal perspectives, advice, and external links. Finally, I decided to include various aspects of cancel culture, and not just ones related to food, beverage, and food-systems education.)

- Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief + Warrior (died 1813)


Paying it Forward

(warning: side effects may include a healthier life)

Life getting you down? Volunteering, donating money, or giving a local homeless person a nutritious lunch can change a life, including yours. Meet Eric Cooper, President of the San Antonio Food Bank, who gives a clever and inspirational TEDx talk about the connections between health and being of service to others. Life is a miraculous wonder, and we're all in this Earth-bound adventure together, right? Volunteering and paying it forward can create feelings of gratitude and a powerful connection to living. If we can support others, let's help out in ways that resonate for us. There's plenty to do.

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Love. Pass it on.

Probably because I contemplated Life and the Universe while hanging out at beaches in Northern California when I was younger, and probably because I'm deeply influenced by peace-makers like Bono, John Lennon, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela, and Ghandi... I reckon that creating love in every possible manifestation just might save the planet. Make love. Create love. Pass it on.

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