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Problems vs Solutions / Why Changing a Belief is So Hard / Global Stats in Plant-Based Trends / What on earth is Dream Hacking? / Schools / Influencers / Politics / Media / 50 Famous Plant Advocates / Film - The Invisible Vegan (2019) / If Influencers Were Honest (a clever satire) / What's Your Personality?


Problems vs Solutions

(lead, follow, or get outta the way)

My favorite film, Gentleman's Agreement (1947), won three Oscars. It addresses the idea that bad things happen when good people remain silent. Again and again, group dynamics can play both a positive and a negative role. The time it takes to thoroughly research a health claim is daunting for most people, so some nay-sayers seem to talk with faulty evidence without solutions. The drama circus is compelling, so try to focus on positive results.

 "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi, Leader of Indian Independence from British Rule (died 1948)

Global Stats in Plant-Based Trends

(from sports to dating apps)

Check out a compelling and well-researched article from the Food Revolution Network on the global rise of vegan and plant-based eating. Side note: Cookhouse Hero believes that ALL solutions towards global health, animal welfare, and stable eco-systems are welcome, even ones that don't quite resonate or aren't particularly nutritious. Heads up: a few healthy whole plants can be harmful to the planet as in the case of almonds.

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What on earth is Dream Hacking?!

(zero regard for consumer consent)

Just when we think we've seen it all, out comes another cultural reality about the power of twisted neuro-marketing. Dream Hacking is the new scary-science, initially studied by Molson Coors in 2021. Simply put, it's the practice of playing ads while consumers sleep. Their research was conducted with the full consent of study subjects. Today, 75% of marketing firms report that they, too, will use this invasive technology by 2025... without our consent. What the @#$%?

"It's discouraging to think how many people are shocked by honesty but so few (are shocked) by deceit."

- Noël Coward, English Playwright + Actor + Director (died 1973)

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(our kids deserve better)

In the US, Big Food + Bev have too much influence over food program decisions, seriously short-changing our youth. Adding copious amounts of fat, sugar, salt, meat, eggs, and dairy is fueled by food giants, who push their agendas by offloading surplus inventories and focusing only on bottom lines. Cookhouse Hero strongly encourages families to take a stand. Kids deserve better.



(sweet potato soul)

In 2019, one plant-based YouTube channel made the top-ten - Sweet Potato Soul - created by Jenne Claiborne, a vegan from Georgia who lives in LA. Since then, the top-ten lists are sadly filled with junk food influencers. The amount of info and images bombarding our brains with sizzling steaks, mountainous milkshakes, and creative cupcakes can be hard to resist. Check out one of my favs.



(big brother is still watching)

From research grants for nutrition studies to tax-payer funded subsidies for farmers to grow GMO corn and soy for food animals, politics and policies are connected to almost every aspect of food decisions. Big Brother controls the flow of money which determines what we eat, where food comes from, how food is marketed, and what's included in dietary guidelines for public health. 



(control + clickbait + contribution)

We're deeply and literally addicted to likes, clicks, and digestible "facts" shared within a 12 second snapshot (attention span of goldfish: 9 seconds / humans: 12 seconds). When we began selling news via 24-hour programming cycles, sponsors began controlling the content. The flipside? Some journalists and outlets profoundly contribute to investigative whistle-blowing. 

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