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More About Doctors

(it's time to demystify healthcare)

My father, a Detroit gang member and high school drop out who became a small business entrepreneur, use to say that as long as libraries are open, anyone can learn anything. While in prison before becoming a voice for change, an illiterate Malcolm X taught himself how to read by painstakingly writing out the entire dictionary from A to Z. Truth is: education is fundamental for intelligent change. Without it, we're groping in the dark. Regarding healthcare and doctors, three of the most prevalent obstacles facing plant-powered patients today are:


  1. convincing our current doctors that Food + Fitness as Medicine is worth investigating.

  2. finding a lifestyle or integrative physician, who is accepting new patients, as a primary doctor. 

  3. learning how to best utilize blood lipid panel results... and then getting a healthcare provider's time for questions, clarifications, deciphering available options, and creating an action plan if needed.  


One doctor told me that I would "die soon" if I didn't take medication for the type-2 diabetes diagnosis he gave me in 2018 (a doctor friend of mine shared that the Fear Approach is taught in medical schools). After I reversed this illness through lifestyle interventions without pills or potions - and explained in detail what I did to reach this goal - he said, "I don't know how you did this but keep doing what you're doing." I just couldn't let this go. So, I calmly and incredulously replied, "Doctor, with all due respect, I just told you in detail how I reversed this chronic lifestyle illness with whole plant foods and regular exercise..." All I got was an empty-vacant-blank stare. Crickets. On top of that, he had no idea what a healthy A1C level would be, so I had to educate him! Needless to say, I began the process of looking for a new physician.

When I ponder how much money some doctors, insurers, and drug companies receive treating symptoms but never causes, well... life can be rather imbalanced.

Please consider this: medical students, curriculum developers, and doctors are people just like you and me. They read articles, books, and studies just like you and me. The more we dive into food education, the more Cookhouse Heroes will most likely know MORE about nutrition and lifestyle interventions than the majority of our healthcare providers. Ouch. It took me three years and four doctors to find my badass integrative medicine physician at the Osher Center at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago. I knew I had finally landed when she shared that she recommends the Nutrition Facts website to her patients! But here's the US Healthcare Catch: getting an appointment with my doctor is almost impossible. The waiting time is 8-10 months on average. Plus, even in a large city like Chicago where I live, the alternative medicine options are sorely limited. This is a shameful reality.    

Personally, I think that not being connected to one primary doctor might not be such a bad thing. 

For example, Dr Popper of Wellness Forum Health offers online, monthly health memberships to her clinic which are effective, affordable, and ethical. Other companies like Sesame Care and TelMDFirst also offer affordable online solutions. I've found reputable and cost-effective online blood-tests and other medical test companies, who are revolutionizing healthcare in the US (and the world). For a broken leg, I'm a fan of conventional medicine. For the rest? I've mostly taken my health into my own capable hands, with the peripheral support of WPF and vegan experts. 

Let's demystify medicine, strongly urge compulsory nutrition studies in ALL healthcare education, and use our voices for smart change. It's time to consider taking our health into our own adept hands.

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