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Cashews: the truth behind a recipe hero / Bananas: another dirty little secret... / Tips for Balancing Budgets / Tips for Food Storage + Safety / Ugly ube need love, too / Dirty Dozen + Clean Fifteen

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Cashews: the truth behind a recipe hero

The most common WPF/vegan fat source in recipes is the nutrient-dense cashew because they're creamy and have a mild taste, making them the perfect alternative to plant-oils. Today, the cashew industry is centered in India and the majority of workers are women. So, what's the problem? Turns out, trying to make a living at hand-shelling cashews is highly toxic and shockingly inequitable. CH asks you to consider this: let's be fierce advocates not only for human health, food-animals, and stable eco-systems, but also for workers who provide us with food products. As for recipes, sunflower seeds are an option.

Bananas: another dirty little secret...

The chemicals used during the production process for commercially grown bananas are uber-toxic for workers and for us. This is one of the dirtiest little secrets in the produce industry. Bananas are nutritious food heroes, so please consider buying certified organic even though they can be quite expensive. Let's do what we can to be kinder in the world. It's challenging. And possible. 

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Ugly ube* need love, too.

Most charities don't have the bandwidth to handle ugly food, so innovative companies are sprouting up to offer organic and conventional produce (as well as other items) right to our door steps. Bonus: for organic products, the cost is lower. Here's a helpful Zen Master Wellness article comparing two big-shots in the US market: Misfits Market and Imperfect Foods. More practical solutions...

* A staple food in the Philippines, ube is a bright purple starchy vegetable. The Tagalog word means "purple yam". It tastes like the love-child of a sweet potato and taro, and can be cooked like any potato.

Dirty Dozen + Clean Fifteen

Access to fresh produce is a challenge for some communities, and finding affordable organic produce is a challenge on steroids. Check out the latest lists of the most and least toxic produce on the US market today. Please try to find funds for certified organic if at all possible. Bonus: the more we buy organic, the cheaper these items become. Purchasing has power, indeed. 

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