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More About Pleasure + Addiction


Nature vs Nurture / Again, Dr Fuhrman / Marketing Madness / What's Your Primary Why? / Four Days to Food Freedom / Five Common "Triggers"

Nature vs Nurture

(cut out the crap)

I hear the same mantra from experts: change your food, change your environment. About 10% - 30% of our health is determined by DNA, which means we have a fighting chance with what we can do. Choose food and surroundings wisely. Make sure to hide the cookie jar!

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Again, Dr Fuhrman

(get informed + inspired)

Got an hour to learn more? Please say yes. Dr Fuhrman is the creator of the Nutritarian Diet. This clear, straight-forward presentation is definitely worth your time. Dive into food addiction, learn more about nutrient-dense foods, and go down the rabbit hole into the perfect storm of fat, sugar, and salt in our lethal Western Diet (aka SAD).

Marketing Madness

(ignorance is not bliss)

Learning about marketing tactics, board-room decisions, and a blatant disregard for public health by advertising teams representing Big Food + Bev + Pharma has been painful. In the case of deceptions messing with my health, ignorance made me sick. Mendacity isn't cool.


"Genetics can load the gun but it's our diet that pulls the trigger. Whatever cards we've been dealt, we can reshuffle with diet and lifestyle choices."

Dr Michael Greger, American Physician + Educator + Founder of Nutrition Facts

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Five Common "Triggers"

Heads up! There are five main triggers that can dictate our (not so healthy) behaviors. For managing addictions and cravings, be particularly aware of:

  1. Location - a baseball game, a birthday party, snacks in a break room at work, our kitchens, a friend's house where junk food is everywhere

  2. Time - every afternoon at three o'clock, after a meal, on the way to work, on the way home, Sunday brunch tradition with friends + family

  3. Emotional State - feeling happy, sad, excited, overwhelmed, elated, celebratory, depressed, anxious, sexy, exhausted, angry, bored, numb

  4. Other People - from food pushers and partners to kids and co-workers who eat junk food, smoke cigarettes, get high/drunk, watch endless TV

  5. Preceding Action - a bit connected to a time trigger as well, this type happens just after another activity. Examples: after playing a sport with mates, after a nice supper, after a tough conversation at work or at home

  "If it's in your house, it's in your mouth."

- Chef AJ, American Author + Educator

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