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Music for Muscles

People who dance frequently have a 70% lower chance of getting dementia.

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A common goal for many humans around the globe is to MOVE MORE. As kids, we need to move our body for at least an hour every day. At least. For grown-ups, it's almost the same, as daily movement has clinically shown to reduce the risk of many chronic conditions. A healthy body and brain work best when we add fitness to the lifestyle symphony of whole plants, healthy sleep, unplugging, and love/support. Otherwise, we're not getting enough oxygen circulating in our blood and muscles. Through daily movement, a sharp and clear mind along with the chance of living a long and possible hospital-free life are at our fingertips. And consider this: of all the ways to exercise, dance is almost like "cheating" because it can also create pleasure, dopamine, and more confidence! Besides, dancing is just cool.

"And people who were seen dancing are thought to be insane

by those who can't hear the music."


So, if you're not into the gym-rat scene, you don't love exercising, or you live in a not-so-safe neighborhood so walking may be hazardous to your health... dancing is the perfect solution for melting off unwanted weight, as well as keeping heart disease and the blues far away. Turns out, dancing has a positive effect on thinking processes, memory, mental conditions, creative expression, cooperation, healthy sleep, weight loss, and heart health. Bonus: dancing can be done virtually ANYWHERE. Check out a few CH workouts in Let's Dance! Let's be badass, get off the well-worn sofa, and MOVE!

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