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Fitness Factoids


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Muscling Out

the Meat Myth

Dr Campbell, founder of the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell University, is a pioneer in Food + Fitness as Medicine. His scientific wisdom, extensive research, and ability to teach others set him apart. Protein is misunderstood in the fitness forum, especially among athletes and "protein deficiency."

Exercise + Longevity

Best practices for fitness are a bit of a moving target, but it seems we’ve narrowed down the evidence-based recommendations to a few trusted factoids. Three recommendations are DAILY routines which include:


  • 40 mins rigorous exercise 

  • 45-90 mins brisk movement

  • 30-60 mins brisk movement


Also, some fitness advocates recommend an exercise schedule which is more in alignment with what some "Blue Zone" people do. Check out this article and get inspired by long-lifers everywhere. 

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Tia Blanco and big-wave pioneer, Laird Hamilton are awesome. Tia is a pro surfer and vegan advocate, and her positive influence is a breath of fresh air. They're both welcome voices in a sport I passionately admire. From yoga to body building, check out badass influencers who love eating plants.

Body + Mind + Spirit

(meet NIA on Demand)

After we discovered that high-impact aerobic exercise and running can cause damage, innovators are focusing on a more holistic path to fitness. Meet NIA on Demand, an online option that checks all the boxes. Dance, martial arts, healing arts, and mental/emotional conditioning are combined to offer an integrative approach to movement. Bonus: it's global, inexpensive, and fun!

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Your body can withstand almost anything. 

It’s your mind you have to convince.


Pain + Recovery

From prevention to rehabilitation, plant-based athletes are amazing. Their recovery times are truly astonishing, as they make sure to include water, zinc, vitamins C, D, and K2, omega 3's, fiber, magnesium, selenium, calcium, collagen, high water content foods, anti-inflammatory foods, and sleep.

Lea​rn Even More About Plant-Powered Fitness

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