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Classic Vegan

Classic vegans might be motivated and moved by addressing health issues, stopping animal cruelty on factory farms and in science labs, or changing the direction of climate change. I've never met a more dedicated bunch of people, some of whom seem to be on a crusade, while others quietly eat their quinoa bowls while nobody is looking. Either way, their lifestyle choice is creating overall health for themselves, for animals, and for the planet.

Foods eaten for classic vegans... are generally fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes (beans). Some might be more inclined to buy processed. packaged faux-vegan foods, add vegetable oils and sugar to their cooking, and bake with processed flours. Others might be on the whole foods train or have decreased their fat or sugar intake in general. I've not met many vegans who treat themselves to a piece of chocolate cake at a birthday party, but I have absorbed dozens of vegan chocolate cake recipes online with highly processed, faux-vegan ingredients. Although some of these recipes aren't so nutritious, I'm grateful for these culinary experimenters.

Cookhouse Hero asks you to consider this: Whole fruits, whole vegetables, whole intact grains, whole legumes, limited fats and sugars  from whole foods, and avoiding plant-based processed foods are vital for nutrition. 

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