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Climate Vegan

Climate vegans are people who may have started a classic vegan diet, and then began educating themselves on the direct correlations between eating animals and our sick planet. It mostly has to do with water, land use, and chemicals (more about this important topic in Eco-Systems + Climate). There are also climate activists who may eat vegan junk food and processed faux-vegan food. 

Climate focused vegans are advocating for a plant-based diet in a profound way. I've seen activists on YouTube who engage with the public on the street, and ask questions, show videos, and inspire citizens to at least consider learning about food and climate change. They are brave and committed, and they tell the truth to power. 

Cookhouse Hero asks you to consider this: Conventional climate activists tend to focus on everything except water, land, and chemical use for industrial plant and animal farms, which can seem like a massive blind-spot. Watch the documentary 'Cowspiracy" (link on Resources page), and then make up your own mind. 

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