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Detox Vegan

Many detox vegans have chosen this path due to a chronic illness which conventional medicine didn’t fix. It may also be a choice for those who wish to lose weight. Detox vegans tend to stay on this diet for shorter periods of time, then switch to any number of other vegan or vegetarian lifestyles. There is no set rule, but generally around 80% of the food is raw or cooked at a low temperature. They tend to drink a lot of water and herbal teas, cut out coffee and alcohol, and processed foods don't live in their kitchens.

Foods eaten for detox vegans... are green leafy vegetables, gluten-free grains, sprouts, low-glycemic fruits, soaked nuts and seeds, legumes, and cold-pressed oils. They also tend to focus on the alkalinity of ingredients – the alkaline diet is based on the idea that eating foods with a higher pH, or those that are more alkaline, will help reduce the risk of chronic diseases like cancer. They might also add superfoods like spirulina, goji and gooseberries, and other natural foods that can promote detoxification and health. 


Cookhouse Hero asks you to consider this: Long-term detoxification might be harmful to the digestive system, and this may depend on your unique metabolism. Listen to your gut and look in your toilet for more answers. 

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