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Junk + Faux-Food Vegan

Junk and faux-food vegans who eat vegan convenience and faux-foods are sometimes eating plant foods that can be almost as harmful as eating animals and animal products. The amounts of fat, sugar, and salt – the powerful flavor trio – tend to be much higher in vegan fast food and vegan faux foods. Also, fresh plant foods are usually lacking in the junk food diet, so nutrient deficiency and excess weight often occur. This alternative to eating animals and animal products might feel good because the impact on animal welfare and eco-systems can be positive. However, the health risk is high.

Foods eaten for junk and faux-food vegans... are frozen burgers and pizzas with chemicals, faux-vegan meat, dairy, egg substitutes, and condiments, as well as foods with high amounts of chemicals, additives, food coloring, heme, sodium, fat, and sugar (this list is long). Oreos, Coca Cola, potato chips, corn chips, three brands of Doritos, and french fries are vegan, too. Marketing is powerful in this food arena, so buyer beware.

Cookhouse Hero asks you to consider this: Junk food? Don’t even go there. Faux foods? Use these as a transition to WPF or a special treat (check out Miyoko's Creamery products - the only ones that don't give me the runs. TMI? Sorry). Instead, create nutritious "junk food" at home like roasting potatoes and making a fab sauce with WPF ingredients or spreading nut butter and maple syrup on sprouted toast or buckwheat pancakes. Delish. Never underestimate the power of toast to fulfill the most ardent cravings! Or, find WPF convenience alternatives with Engine 2 foods and other products on the market. Finally, muster up the courage to take an honest look at a possible food and/or beverage addiction fueling your habits. 

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