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I first saw this version of WPF on a video with a respected, whole plants educator, Chef AJ. The No SOFAS diet is: no salt, no oil, no flour, no alcohol, and no sugar. Three of the main points are weight loss, addiction, and scratch cooking. When the brain is addicted to fat, for example, just one nut can trigger an unhealthy food binge. Selective abstinence and generally avoiding restaurant food are taught as ways to control food addiction and lose weight and/or maintain a healthy weight long-term. The No SOFAS diet is not to be confused with SoFAS – solid fats and added sugars!

Foods eaten for the No SOFAS diet... are the whole plant foods list of fruits, vegetables, intact whole grains, and legumes. Nuts, seeds, avocados, salt, and sugar are either avoided or rather limited. Alternatives like dates, bananas, and whole fruits are used in recipes. This type of diet also strongly urges people to eat at home and try to stay away from processed faux-vegan foods and restaurant food.

Cookhouse Hero asks you to consider this: Food addiction is a serious condition in the world and is perhaps the primary cause of many lifestyle diseases. If we can’t resist having avocados, raw walnuts, nut butter, or dried fruit in the kitchen, we're probably better off avoiding these foods altogether and going cold-turkey. Learn more about food addiction in the Pleasure + Addiction section.

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