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(+ top fifteen picks)

"It is easy to be brave from a safe distance."

- Aesop, Ancient Greek Storyteller + Slave (died circa 620 BCE)


Heads up: films with dates in red include scenes depicting food-animal factory farms (CAFO's).
  • 2023  Live to 100: Secrets of the Blue Zones  LINK / A four-part Netflix series on the positive impacts of a plant-powered diet and other lifestyle factors on high-longevity regions around the world.

  • 2023  From Food to Freedom  LINK / Six people with type-2 diabetes eat WPF for 10 days and have extraordinary results. Also illustrates Big Pharma's influence on medical students, doctors, and patients. 

  • 2023  Punk Rock Vegan Movie  LINK (9)  / Moby wrote and directed this raw, unapologetic film about how the punk rock world is a "fertile and surprising breeding ground" for ethical veganism.  

  • 2022  Overheated - The Documentary  LINK  / Billie Eilish and friends explore unstable eco-systems in this creative and contemporary take on an important subject. 

  • 2022  Milked: White Lies in Dairy Land  LINK  / A thorough exposé on falsehoods within the New Zealand dairy industry, their most profitable export commodity.

  • 2021  Breaking Boundaries: The Science of our Planet  LINK  / Sir David Attenborough explores the impacts of humanity on planetary eco-systems. 

  • 2021  Plantwise  LINK  / Advent Health follows six people who follow a plant-based diet, and features Eric Adams, New York City Mayor and whole foods, plant-based advocate.

  • 2021  Seaspiracy  LINK (4)  / An exposé on the plight of fish farming, inequitable labor practices, and a financially-motivated cover-up effort on the part of several nations. 

  • 2021  They're Trying to Kill Us  LINK  / Celebrities, hip-hop artists, athletes, and more ask: why do American people of color have higher rates of chronic diseases than their European counterparts?

  • 2021  Eating Our Way to Extinction  LINK  / This film asks all humans to take a closer look at the food on our plate, as well as the food systems that are destroying our global eco-systems.

  • 2021  Code Blue  LINK (8)  / This explores the role of Big Pharma on medical school education as well as the dire lack of food science in the majority of healthcare-education institutions. 

  • 2021  Meat Me Halfway  LINK  / From the Reducetarian Foundation, this film asks why there's so much resistance to eating less animals and animal products.

  • 2020  Brave Blue World  LINK (14)  / This solutions-oriented film focuses on innovators who are successfully addressing micro and macro issues in regards to water scarcity around the world. 

  • 2020  Life on Our Planet  LINK  / Sir David Attenborough shifts gears and focuses on the impact of consuming animals and animal products on our planet.  

  • 2020  The Need to Grow  LINK (1)  / This film follows innovators and game-changers in the world of soil health, and exposes harmful modern agricultural practices as well as imbalanced public policies. 

  • 2020  Kiss the Ground  LINK  / Narrated by raw vegan Woody Harrelson, this film shows the impacts of animal agriculture on the planet, while offering workable solutions for soil health. 

  • 2019  The Invisible Vegan  LINK (11)  / This is a brave film about some unhealthy dietary habits in the Black American community, and why these habits are challenging to change. 

  • 2019  The Game Changers  LINK (3)  / From Olympians to world-record breakers, this film challenges the traditional notion that animal protein is the best source of macro-nutrition. 

  • 2019  The Pollinators  LINK (10)  / This film follows bee pollinators in 14 US states and exposes the plight of dying bee populations, and how this is adversely affecting modern agriculture. 

  • 2019  Countdown to Year Zero  LINK  / This film focuses on the unprecedented global disaster that is rapidly unfolding due to human choices and behaviors. 

  • 2019  Fantastic Fungi  LINK (13)  / Louie Schwartzberg educates us about mushrooms and explores their healing properties, as well as how humans are more closely related to fungi than to animals. 

  • 2018  Running for Good  LINK  / Watch marathon-runner and vegan Fiona Oakes take on the Marathon Des Sables, a 250-kilometer race through the Sahara Desert (155.3 miles).

  • 2018  Dominion  LINK  / This film explores six aspects of animal suffering: on farms, in the wild, as companions, in the entertainment business, in the clothing industry, and in scientific laboratories. 

  • 2017  What the Health?  LINK (6)  / This explores the detrimental health impacts of meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products, and questions the practices of leading health and pharmaceutical organizations. 

  • 2017  Under Contract: Farmers and the Fine Print  LINK  / This film exposes unfair and imbalanced corporate practices of placing farmers under contract for their crops and commodities.

  • 2017  From the Ground Up  LINK  / This film follows a carnivorous college athlete who discovers how a vegetarian and vegan diet can support elite athletes, and then discovers his own inner vegan. 

  • 2017  The Last Pig  LINK  / This film follows the final year of a pig farmer's operation, and raises questions about equality, the sanctity of life, and the value of compassion. 

  • 2016  HOPE: What You Eat Matters  LINK  / This illustrates the harmful effects of the typical Western diet on human health, food animals, and eco-systems. 

  • 2016  Vegan: Everyday Stories  LINK  / This film follows four vegans with different backgrounds, motivations, and stories, who candidly share about their plant-powered journey.   

  • 2016  Eating You Alive  LINK  / This film explores why Americans are increasingly suffering from chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and autoimmune conditions.  

  • 2016  Before the Flood  LINK  / National Geographic travels to five continents and the Arctic to explore unstable eco-systems, disinformation campaigns, and political inaction. 

  • 2016  Seed: The Untold Story  LINK (12)  / This exposes Big Agriculture's grip on harmful agricultural practices, seed hoarding, the plight of farmers, and how this affects food production. 

  • 2016  Global Junk Food  LINK  / This film shows how Big Food, Big Beverage, and Big Junk Food manipulate menus, hide information, target children, and contribute to the global obesity pandemic. 

  • 2015  PlantPure Nation  LINK  / This follows three renowned advocates who are on a mission to educate policy makers and the world about the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet and lifestyle. 

  • 2015  Living in a Food Desert  LINK  / Advocates, educators, and health officials expose two regions in Virginia with some of the worst issues regarding the lack of fresh food access and affordability.

  • 2014  Fed Up  LINK  / This film focuses on some of the causes of obesity in the US, and illustrates how sugar, Big Food, and Big Beverage are feeding the problem. 

  • 2014  Cowspiracy  LINK   / This explores how animal agriculture has a dangerous impact on planetary eco-systems, and shows resistance to learn the truth even among environmental advocates.  

  • 2014  Plant This Movie  LINK (5)  / This film presents a comprehensive and global look at the evolution and positive impacts of the international urban agriculture movement (urban food farming). 

  • 2013  A Place at the Table  LINK  / This exposes food deserts in the US and how hunger poses serious economic, social, and cultural implications via a lack of access to fresh and affordable food. 

  • 2011  Community of Gardeners  LINK  / Following seven urban food farmers in Washington, DC, this film shows the vital role of urban gardening within underserved communities. 

  • 2011  Forks Over Knives  LINK (2)  / This influential film follows people with chronic conditions as they seek to reduce their dependence on medications and learn about a plant-based diet and lifestyle. 

  • 2011  Planeat  LINK  / This film follows the stories of three experts' lifelong journeys for exploring and then discovering a diet that's good for humans, food animals, and the planet. 

  • 2011  Vegucated  LINK  / This is "part sociological experiment, part adventure comedy" that follows three New Yorkers who try a vegan diet for six weeks, and then discover what eating plants is all about.  

  • 2010  Food, Inc (15)  LINK  / This explores the hidden costs of cheap food and argues that "mass-produced, engineered, low-price foods" come with health, social, and environmental costs.   

  • 2009  Peaceable Kingdom: Journey Home  LINK  / This film follows the personal transformation of seven farmers and ranchers as they re-examine their approach to animal welfare. 

  • 2006  Mad Cowboy  LINK  / This film follows Howard Lyman, a Montana-based rancher who went vegan after a health scare, sold most of his ranch, and became a spokesperson for change. 

  • 2005  Earthlings  LINK (7)  / Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix, this ground-breaking film explores the unethical use and abuse of animals in several arenas. The link for the sequel Unity (2015) is here

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