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Medical Experts + Pioneers

  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine*: Professional Society for Education and Change  LINK

  • Dr Neal Barnard*: Founder of the PCRM, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine  LINK

  • Dr T Colin Campbell*: Pioneer and Founder of the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell Univ  LINK

  • Dr Thomas Campbell*: Son of Dr T Colin Campbell and Family Medicine Physician  LINK

  • Brenda Davis RD: Plant-Based Pioneer and Nutritionist  LINK

  • Jill Edwards, MS, CEP* - Director of Education at the Center for Nutrition Studies at Cornell  LINK

  • Dr Caldwell Esselstyn*: Pioneer and Director of the Cardiovascular Prevention and Reversal Program at The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute  LINK  

  • Dr Joel Fuhrman*: Founder of the Nutritarian Program  LINK  

  • Dr Kristi Funk: Founder of Pink Lotus Power Up and Board-Certified Breast Cancer Surgeon  LINK

  • Dr Alan Goldhamer: Pioneer and Founder of TrueNorth Health Center  LINK

  • Dr Michael Greger*: Founder of Nutrition Facts and Infectious Disease Expert  LINK 

  • Dr Mimi Guarneri: Specialist in Cardiovascular Health + Integrative-Holistic Medicine  LINK

  • IJDRP - International Journal of Disease Reversal and Prevention*: Lifestyle Medicine  LINK

  • Dr Joel Kahn: Cardiologist and "America's Heart-Healthy Doctor"  LINK 

  • Cyrus Khambatta PhD + Robby Barbaro MPH*: Co-Founders of Mastering Diabetes  LINK

  • Dr Michael Klaper*: Pioneer and Health + Medical Student Educator  LINK

  • Dr John McDougall*: Pioneer and Founder of the McDougall Program  LINK

  • Dr Milton Mills: Former Associate Director of Preventive Medicine at the PCRM and Physician  LINK

  • Dr Gemma Newman: Holistic and Lifestyle Physician, aka the "Plant Power Doctor"  LINK

  • Dr Dean Ornish*: Pioneer and Founder of the PMRI, Preventive Medicine Research Institute  LINK

  • Dr David Perlmutter*: Neurologist and Educator  LINK

  • Pivio Health (formerly CHIP): Complete Health Plan via Lifestyle Medicine Institute  LINK

  • Plant Based Juniors*: Registered Dietician Nutritionists, Cooks, and Plant-Powered Moms  LINK

  • Dr Pam Popper*: Founder of Wellness Forum Health and Educator  LINK  

  • Pritikin Program*: Pioneering Program Based on Dr Nathan Pritikin's Method  LINK

  • Dr Wendy Romig DCN, LDN, CNS*: Founder of Sage Integrative Health Center + Herbalist  LINK

  • Dr Reshma Shah MPH: Pediatrician, Home Cook, and Educator  LINK

  • Dr Ayesha + Dr Dean Sherzai*: Directors of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Program at Loma Linda University Medical Center, aka "The Brain Docs"  LINK  

  • Dr Saray Stancic*: Infectious Disease and Lifestyle Medicine Physician  LINK

  • Dr Scott Stoll: Physician, Food Science Advisor, and Co-founder of the Plantrician Project  LINK

  • TrueNorth Health Center: Health and Fasting Clinicians and Educators  LINK 

  • Dr Colin Zhu: Lifestyle and Osteopathic Medicine Physician, aka "The ChefDoc"  LINK

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