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Cookhouse Hero
You are...
  • One-on-One 

  • With a Partner

  • Small Groups (12 max) and Training Groups (75 max)

  • Families: Caregivers, Home-Schoolers, and Kids

  • Educators: Teachers, Influencers, Medical Students, Pediatricians, Doctors, Healthcare Providers

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Focused on...
  • Cooking for Beginners + Home Cooks + Chefs

  • Shopping + Kitchen Hacks

  • Fitness + Weight Loss

  • Personalized Programs

  • WPF for Educators + Caregivers

  • WPF for Vegans + Vegetarians

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Shopping + Prep: Let Cookhouse Hero take you on a shopping adventure to a local market! Create useful lists, learn budget tricks, and shop wisely. Add knife skills to your toolbox and prep hacks to your repertoire. Focus on a low-waste kitchen and gain kitchen confidence.

Beginners: Focus on food health and safety, budgets, menu plans, simple batch cooking hacks, and how to create a low-waste kitchen!This includes the basics with shopping, core knife skills, and food science 101. Start with favorite recipes and expand your toolbox as you go. 

Fitness + Weight Loss: Get off the sofa and yo-yo diets for real results! No powders, pills, potions, or counting calories or carbs. Just fiber-rich, nutrient-dense whole plant foods that keep you feeling full and satisfy your body's needs. Learn to tackle tough cravings and add daily fitness habits to your possible hospital-free life.

Batch Cooking: Let Cookhouse Hero show you batch cooking techniques to create a week's worth of staples! Add more prep and timing skills to your toolbox. Focus on whole grains, legumes, vegetables, dips, and sauces. Learn ways to stretch your budget via batch cooking.

Home Cooks + Chefs: Focus on plant-based versions of your favorite recipes! Create nutritious dishes with ease. Elevate your skills to include whole plant foods as well as cooking with less salt, oil, and sugar. Get more food educated and fine-tune your cooking toolbox. 

WPF Coaching: Join a WPF community and get lifelong support! These sessions are custom designed to address your interests and needs. From weight loss, food science 101, and shopping… to cooking, kitchen hacks, and behavior change. Work on gaining freedom from possible addictions, cultural realities, and comfort zones. 

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WPF for Educators + Caregivers

Focus on adults and/or children ages seven to twelve! Co-create or request a wide range of educational content for your unique arena. Included are sessions on how to positively energize students, patients, clients, kids, and entire communities. Add your own knowledge to the mix, and shift the way you think, teach, and motivate others about food systems and Food + Fitness as Medicine. 

WPF for Vegans + Vegetarians

Embrace WPF on your fun food adventure! Thank you plant-eaters for positively contributing to animal welfare and more stable eco-systems. Yet regarding health, some vegan foods are not so nutritious and can be harmful with chemicals as well as high levels of salt, sugar, and fat. As well, dairy, ghee, butter, and egg yolks have been shown to increase the risk of chronic diseases. Ready to dive in?

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Need a Professional Public Speaker or Trainer?

Get in touch and share your ideas! Engage Coolhouse Hero in low-tech, high-impact experiences, which energize participants, create captivating conversations, and activate intelligent change. From lunch and learns to intensive workshops, add potent insight to your trainings and educational-type offerings. I relish motivating people from diverse backgrounds and interests. Content, style, target audience, demographic, location, and duration possibilities abound.

Clients + Institutions
  • BMW AG (Regensburg + München, Germany)

  • Infineon AG (Regensburg)

  • Siemens Automation (Regensburg)

  • Leer Corporation (Regensburg)

  • Deutsche Telekom - Real Estate (Stuttgart)

  • English Studio (Regensburg + Nürnberg)

  • IHK Regensburg - Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

  • Arbeitsagentur für Regensburg - Employment Office

  • Volkshochschule Regensburg - Community College

  • University of Regensburg

  • University of Applied Sciences Regensburg

  • IBM Japan (Otsu)

  • Omron (Osaka) 

  • Osaka Gakuin University

  • Kinki University (Osaka)

  • Konan University (Kobe)

  • KEC Foreign Language Institute (Kyoto)

  • Bridges English Academy (Kyoto)

  • IIBA - International Institute of Business Analysis, SE Michigan

  • MCWT - Michigan Council of Women in Technology + 'Connect-Net' Co-Founder 

  • PMI - Project Management Institute, Great Lakes

  • Rotary Club (SE Michigan)

  • American Cancer Society (SE Michigan) 

  • New Orleans School of Cooking

  • Various US Hospitality Companies (IL, CA, LA, NY)

  • Various US Start-Ups (MI, IL, OR)

2023 Rates

(not including material or travel costs / sliding-scale rates available)

Teaching + Coaching + Cooking

Hourly: $50 - $95  /  Half-Day: $225 - $350  /  Full-Day: $395 - $575

Custom Package
rates vary depending on scope, topic(s), and duration

Food Science 101

Cooking + Shopping

Budgets + Kitchen Hacks

Weight Loss for Life

Plant-Friendly Menu Development

Plant-Powered Fitness

Habits + Behavior Change

Food Systems + Community Impact

Plant-Based Start Ups

Train the Trainer Program

Speaking + Training + Writing

A 15​-minute consultation will provide a preliminary quote for all services.

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