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Real struggles. Real successes. Real stories. / Five Facts About Weight Plateaus / Supplements: Scam of the Century / Four Steps: Lean Into Food Freedom / Vegan or plant-based and still overweight? / WPF + Intermittent Fasting / Learn Even More About Supplements + Weight Loss

Real struggles. Real successes. Real stories.

One major aspect of the WPF universe in regards to weight loss, is that there aren't a lot of gimmicks, hard-sell pitches, or embellishments. Not a lot of contracts with supplement makers or lucrative celebrity endorsements. Just a wide cross-section of folks who found a way to STOP dieting and start embracing the possibility of a hospital-free life. Every story is different with one remaining thread: no bells and whistles... just plants.

Scam of the Century

The mostly unregulated supplement industry is a profitable snake-oil phenomenon worth $123 billion globally (102.1 billion euros) and is estimated to reach $230 billion (190.9 billion euros) by 2027. That's a lot of pennies, pence, and cents in their piggy banks.



Seriously, my instinct looks at a carrot and looks at a beta-carotene pill... and I know exactly what to put into my mouth. If we need a supplement, and if trusted studies show that one might be beneficial (vitamins B12 and D3, for example), then do research and find the best one around. Otherwise, try to eat the vast majority of your vitamins and minerals via whole plant foods.

Four Steps:
Lean Into Food Freedom

Check out broadcaster and inspirational speaker Mel Robbins, who is a truth-teller in spades. Her direct, logical, and pragmatic approach to offering food for thought might help those of you who are ready to make a lifestyle change through Food + Fitness as Medicine.



She points out four smart steps towards food freedom and includes her famous Five Second Rule. Mel asks people to embrace the uncomfortable gaps between how we feel about food today and who we wish to become. This short video is practical, inspiring, and makes a whole lot of sense. Transitions and change can be deeply demanding, and... they're worth it.

Vegan or plant-based and still overweight?

Check out a Choosing My Health video about possible reasons why some vegans and plant-based eaters aren't able to shed excess weight. From plant oils and hormones to juice cleansing and vegan junk foods, get truthful advice for practical solutions.


"The best of all medicines is rest and fasting."

- Benjamin Franklin, Founding Member of the US (died 1790)

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WPF + Intermittent Fasting

Clinical studies have shown that letting the body rest for longer periods of time - with water or tea while fasting - is helping people shed pounds, kilos, and stones. The most popular cycle practiced is 16/8 with 8 hours of eating. Other proponents tout longer fasting periods such as the 18/6 and 20/4 method, or other cycles like every other day or all-day fasting once a week. For beginners, perhaps start slowly by "closing the kitchen" as Dr Fuhrman says at 7pm, and check out your weight, energy and stress levels, sleep patterns, and poop. Then, graduate to the 16/8 approach and observe what happens.

Learn Even More About Supplements + Weight Loss

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