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What's Your Primary Why?

Experts in the field of behavior change talk about: setting achievable goals; taking action steadily and consistently; having realistic and measurable expectations; committing to daily changes to create long-term results. This approach seems to work for us addicted, stubborn, and flawed humans, including me. The billion-dollar questions would then be two primary why's: 


  1. Why are we interested in food education, getting off the well-worn sofa, and eating plants? 

  2. Why are we ready to choose the road less travelled, cook and eat more plants, and save the world?

I mean... nobody is forcing us to choose between fresh fennel and french fries. 

What are YOUR motivators? Write them down. Like, right now. Please don't wait until tomorrow. No worries, I'll wait. Get up, go get something to write with, get some paper, and have at it. OR, flip open your laptop or smart phone and jot down your why. If you haven't started a Cookhouse Hero notebook/pad yet, you're encouraged to begin writing stuff down, starting with your big WHY. Keep adding to it along your adventure.

Here are 12 ideas to get your thought juices flowing...

  • because... addiction sucks - I have the ability to heal and the power to choose what I eat.

  • because... I'm committed to contributing to food-animal welfare and stable eco-systems.  

  • because... I don't want to become another health statistic and die from a preventable lifestyle disease.

  • because... I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired - I want to feel more energy and enthusiasm.

  • because... I want to play with my kids, grandkids, partner, and friends - I want adventures in my life. 

  • because... I want to run a half-marathon with my running-enthusiast best friend (spouse, neighbor, etc). 

  • because... I use to feel sexy in my skinny jeans - I want to attract a gorgeous partner, inside and out.

  • because... I want to take care of and honor this physical vessel given to me by the Universe.

  • because... I am aware of how stressed out I feel - I want to sleep better, unplug, and feel more focused.

  • because... I experience brain fog and I want my brain functions like memory and clarity to improve.

  • because... I'm secretly vain - I want to look fab, attract attention, and turn heads (your secret is safe here).

  • because... I want to get off meds, and I'm ready to shift my life towards Food + Fitness as Medicine.

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