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Cook Like a Hero
cooking is cool... it's also gooey and gross

At first, cooking food is a foreign concept for people who use their kitchens to boil ramen noodles and prep corn flakes in a bowl. Cooking whole plant foods is the MOST significant factor to this often confusing nutrition circus. Also, I’ve read too many books and blogs which sell cooking as simple and easy. For some it isn't, not at first anyway. With time, your new skills and habits start to cruise forward, and your body, brain, and bank balance will smile. Cooking can feel like meditation or therapy, and it's way cheaper than a shrink. Oohhmm...


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Five Ingredient Trick

There are five main ingredients in every cuisine which make each dish regionally unique. Almost everyone eats cabbages, carrots, and onions, but how these staples are combined with local spices, herbs, and aromatics can create extraordinary flavors. Boredom is held at bay, as we add sumptuous ingredients to the usual suspects of food in the fridge.

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Cook like your LIFE depends on it.

(or... the cure for lonely kitchens)

Cooking like a hero means creating optimal health, higher bank balances, and a focused mind. The importance of cooking as much as possible at home cannot be stressed enough. Eating out is great, yet when it's our primary source of food, the body rebels at some point. Cooking at home makes an impact not only on our lives, but also on the well-being of our planet. Let's make kitchens the center of our circles once again. Future generations will thank us for what we do - and choose not to do - today.

New to cooking with primarily plants?

One resource I'd highly recommend is Plant Based Gabriel's cookbook, The Plant Based Diet for Beginners (2019). After a back injury halted his future football career, he gained weight. When researching ways to lose it, he finally found the WPF diet and lifestyle universe and lost 100 pounds (45 kilos/7 stones). Then, he launched his YouTube channel and wrote one of the best WPF recipe resources for newbies. Bonus: he's an avid gardener and offers advice for garden enthusiasts. 

"Simple ingredients prepared in a simple way - that's the best way to take your everyday cooking to a higher level."
- José Andrés, Spanish Chef + Founder of World Central Kitchen
What's the 95% WPF Approach?

This is a WPF to "other" ratio that works for me. The 5% may include small amounts of vodka, iodized salt, Miyoko's faux-vegan cheese, sesame oil, or white sushi rice. I've discovered that my psyche becomes a black-leather motorcycle chick if I'm absolute about most things. What I know is I'm more successful sticking to the WPF lifestyle long-term when I give myself an option to choose. I'm not advocating only one approach... I trust you'll find your way.

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