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Introduction / A - Z List of Sources / Guide for Beginners / 21 Website Lists / Subscriptions + Communities / Medical Experts + Pioneers / Advocates for Human + Animal + Planetary Health / Films / YouTube Channels / Books + Cookbooks / Books + Cookbooks for Kids + Grown-Ups / Resources for Grown-Ups in CH KidZone


Here are 276 resources which can support the complex food, beverage, and food systems universe, 40 of which were also used as an information and data source* while creating Cookhouse Hero. These resources have been vetted as much as possible, are offered as food for thought only, and aren't intended as medical advice. That said, in addition to Cookhouse Hero, these badass people might inspire you to learn more:

pioneers, doctors, experts, advocates, athletes, chefs, cooks, writers, filmmakers, entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, whistle-blowers, podcasters, explorers, fashionistas, and YouTubers.


IMPORTANT NOTE: An excellent example of a popular resource I'd recommend but isn't connected to a whole plant foods diet is Sweet Potato Soul, one of my favorites. The content is classically vegan and comes from a talented cook's lens with ingredients like faux-foods, sugar, salt, and oils. Her warm personality is fun to watch, too. The resources included here connect to different interests, abilities, and levels of commitment, so a myriad of options are offered. Finally, some plant-pathways can be quite harmful and don't resonate for me, but I reckon that however people find nutrient-dense plants will be unique to them. Hopefully, more and more folks will fall in love with the WPF diet and lifestyle along the way. It's a life-promoting adventure for humans, food animals, and our planet. That's a CH promise!

Eat a Rainbow

"It's impossible to learn that which you think you already know."

Epictetus, Former Slave + Greek Stoic Philosopher (died 135 AD)

Subscriptions + Communities

Diet - Lifestyle - Food Systems - Hot Topics

Real Food Recipes + In the News + Feeding Families

  • The Brain Docs (Team Sherzai) - WPF diet + lifestyle + health  LINK

  • Center for Nutrition Studies @ Cornell University - WPF diet + lifestyle  LINK

  • Chef AJ - WPF diet + lifestyle  LINK

  • Choosing My Health - WPF diet + lifestyle  LINK

  • Cookie + Kate - vegetarian + WPF cooking  LINK

  • Dora's Table - vegan Mexican-inspired cooking  LINK 

  • Food Revolution Network (+ Whole Life Club) - WPF diet + lifestyle  LINK

  • Forks Over Knives - WPF diet + lifestyle  LINK 

  • Dr Fuhrman - plant-based diet + lifestyle  LINK

  • Mastering Diabetes - WPF diet + health  LINK

  • Monkey + Me Kitchen Adventures - WPF cooking  LINK

  • Nia on Demand - holistic approach to fitness and wellness  LINK

  • No Meat Athlete - WPF fitness + health  LINK

  • Nutrition Facts (+ Plant-Based Living Series) - WPF + health  LINK

  • PCRM + Exam Room (Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine) - WPF + vegan info + health  LINK

  • Plant Based and Broke - WPF + vegan cooking  LINK

  • Plant Based Gabriel - WPF diet + gardening  LINK

  • Plant-Based Juniors - plant-based info for grown-ups with kids  LINK

  • The Plant-Based Morning Show - WPF fitness + health + supplementation  LINK

  • Plant-Powered People Podcast - Vegan diet + lifestyle  LINK 

  • Playing for Change - global initiative for unity through music  LINK

  • Rich Roll Podcast - WPF diet + lifestyle + fitness  LINK

  • Simnett Nutrition - WPF + vegan diet + fitness  LINK

  • Sweet Potato Soul - vegan cooking  LINK   

  • Tiny Green Chef - WPF and vegan cooking for kids  LINK

  • VegFund - global initiatives for human health, animal welfare, and climate activism  LINK 

  • Wellness Forum Health - plant-based diet + lifestyle + education + memberships  LINK

  • Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show - WPF cooking  LINK

  • Yeung Man Cooking - vegan Asian-inspired cooking  LINK  

  • Yoga with Adriene - movement for beginners and up  LINK

  • Yoga with Bird - movement for beginners and up  LINK

Experts + Pioneers
YouTube Channels
Books + Cookbooks
Books for Kids.jpg
Books for Kids

* HEADS UP: Whenever you see an asterisk *... these are 40 experts, advocates, and chefs who were also used as an info and data SOURCE for website content.

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