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Supplements + Weight Loss

the nitty-gritty of the food universe

Now we're into the nitty-gritty of the food universe: supplements and dieting. Remedies have made many companies mega-rich, and this trend isn't stopping anytime soon. The science is clear: dieting is a short-term solution trying to repair a long-term lifestyle of unhealthy food and fitness habits... and supplementation can be superfluous for WPF eaters (with a few exceptions), and some can cause health issues, too. What works? I recommend getting more food, beverage, and food-systems educated. Try to consistently experience achievable DAILY habits. And eat foods today that you'll eat for the rest of your life.


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B12 + D3 + Calcium

Food animals use to get vitamin B from rich soil, but now they're taking vitamin B supplements, too! Vitamin D3 comes from Mr Sunshine, and for those living among cloudy skies, deficiency can be harmful. Taking too much calcium, in the form of supplements, is tied to higher rates of heart attack and stroke.

Greens Brigade

Cookhouse Heroes will not shut up about greens: kale, arugula, collard greens, chard, romaine. I joined the Greens Brigade inspired by NO - nitric oxide. Massive and satisfying salads featuring nitrate-rich foods, which create this gorgeous gas, helped me lose lots of weight. How amazingly simple that so many benefits come from grand and glorious green leafies.

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Diets Suck.

Tired of the yo-yo effect and feeling hungry at 9pm? I got fat because of long work-weeks, stress, and late-night nachos. Short-term, diets can kick-start our habits, but long-term, they tend to fizzle away. This is worth repeating: diets don't work. Stop following celebrities, diet gurus, and fads. Ready to let go?

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Vitamin + Mineral Deficiencies for Vegans

What does the science say? Check out one of the best overviews of what supplements to take when we eat primarily plants and why. Vitamins B12, C, D, and A, iron, zinc, and iodine are highlighted. This video also illustrates a classic example of research study falsehoods, which are especially rampant in the world of supplementation.

What's a King-Prince-Pauper Diet?

In How Not to Diet (2019) Dr Gregor talks about circadian rhythms which can influence slimming down. Even when control groups ate the same amount of calories and foods, those who ate the King + Prince + Pauper diet (700 cal for breakfast, 500 cal for lunch, and 200 cal for supper) lost much more weight than the opposite control group, who ate a Pauper + Prince + King diet (200 cal, 500 cal, and 700 cal).

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I went on a diet. It was the worst four hours of my life!

- Mrs Cavanaugh's Chocolate Sign, Utah USA

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Eat foods today that you'll eat forever.

The WPF interventions for weight loss don't require counting calories or carbs, with plant-based fats kept to a minimum. Otherwise, dig in and eat up. One point to keep in mind: variety is key. That means eating only beans, brown rice, avocados, and raw walnuts may not be so effective (there are plenty of unhealthy and over-weight vegans, too). Instead, eat fiber-rich, nutrient-dense VEGGIES as the primary food group, along with intact whole grains, starches, legumes, fruits, raw nuts, raw seeds, and added flavors.

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