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Vegan Imitation Foods

Included are the playful words 'faux-vegan' or 'faux-food' which describe plant-based products like Impossible, Beyond, Tofurky, Quorn, etc. These highly processed foods are beneficial for food animals and eco-systems but not so much for humans. (Miyoko's Creamery is an exception.)

Follow Your Heart


  1. Start a Cookhouse Hero notebook/pad and begin with your WHY

  2. Click on the Cookhouse Hero definition links OR Selected Website Links OR the Beginners button at HOMEROOM to begin your adventure. 

  3. Use the Table of Contents below as your base camp and handy reference guide.

  4. Jot down where you left off in your CH notebook/pad for your next learning session.


Chapter 1:


WPF - Whole Plant Foods

Fun Food Science

Diets + Disease

Food Heroes

Supplements + Weight Loss

CH Cheat Sheets

Chapter 2:


Groceries + Budget Hacks
Tools + Toys
Prep + Safety
Cook Like a Hero
Low-Waste Kitchen

Chapter 3: 


Fitness + Exercise
Stress + Sleep
Love + Relationships
Pleasure + Addiction
Cultural Realities

Chapter 4: 


Food + Beverage Industry
Farms + Factories
Big Medicine
Studies + Stats
Eco-Systems + Climate
Final Thoughts


Chapter 5:  KidZone

Notes for Grown-Ups

Fun Food Factoidz

Super Foods R Super Cool

Cooking is Gooey + Gross!

Your Community, Your World

Activities + Adventures

Become a Cookhouse Hero

Bonus Activities Answer Key


Nutrition 101

WPF – Whole Plant Foods

Meet the Team: Whole Fruits / Whole Vegetables / Intact Grains / Legumes Family / Raw Nuts + Seeds / Added Flavors 

Go big or go home?

Ten Keys to Success

Gifted Gurus with Armchair Advice

Meet Dr Greger

Meet Dr Barnard

Meet The Brain Docs (Team Sherzai)

Meet Dr Klaper

Learn More About WPF

- PSA from Cookhouse Hero

- What’s a whole plant foods diet?

- What's a WPF lifestyle?

Learn Even More About WPF

- What are Treats?

- Traffic Lights + Food Choices

- Mastering Diabetes Traffic Lights

- Center for Nutrition Studies Guide

- Nutrition Facts Daily Dozen

Fun Food Science

Science + Art of Nutrition

Top Five Food Myths

Two oxes walk into a bar

Nutrient-Density vs Calorie-Density

What's psycho-neuro-immunology (PNI)?

Breaking up is hard to do. (All About Cheese)

Meet Dr Campbell

Meet Dr Esselstyn

Meet Dr McDougall

Meet Dr Ornish

Learn More About Fun Food Science 101

- Macro-Nutrients 

- Vitamins + Minerals

- It's all Greek to me: Nutrition Glossary

- Variety is the spice of life.

- Taste Buds + Taste Sensitivity

- Common Food + Beverage Hazards


Diets + Disease

Welcome WPF-Curious Vegans + Vegetarians

People Who Eat Plants

Diseases of Affluence

High-Low-Ox "Diet"

Plants That Make Us Poop

Talking Toilets

Meet Cyrus Khambatta PhD

Meet Robbie Barbaro MPH

Meet Dr Fuhrman

Meet Dr Popper

Learn More About Diets + Disease   

- Heart Disease

- Cancer

- Type-2 Diabetes

- Type-3 Diabetes

- Brains are Beautiful

- Slow and Steady  (glycemic index/load)

- Wise Advice for Plant-Based Newbies

- One more link for newbies...

Learn Even More About Diets + Disease

- Feeling Blue?

- What are Blue Zones?

- Code Blue

- Natural + Alternative Options

- Hispanic Heritage

- A Doctor’s Why

- Meet a Reducetarian

Food Heroes

Learn More: Deserted Island Musts

Learn More: About Farts + Nuts

Food Heroes are Cool  (link to "Super Foods R Super Cool" in KidZone)

Fiber is a Friend


Cruciferous Family


Flax + Chia

Ode to Mushrooms

Supplements + Weight-Loss

B12 + D3 + Calcium

The Greens Brigade

Diets Suck.

Vitamin + Mineral Deficiencies for Vegans

What’s a King-Prince-Pauper Diet?

Eat foods today that you'll eat forever. 

Learn More About Supplements + Weight-Loss

- Real struggles. Real successes. Real stories.

- Five Facts About Weight Plateaus

- Supplements: Scam of the Century

- Four Steps: Lean Into Food Freedom

- Vegan or plant-based and still overweight?

- WPF + Intermittent Fasting

Learn Even More About Supplements + Weight Loss

- How Not to Diet (2019)

- Learn more: About Health Apps 

- What is Chlorella? 

- What's pre-biotic fiber?

- K2 - the new kid on the block.

- What about Omega's?

- Timing is Everything


Action Heroes

Groceries + Budget Hacks

Where to Shop?

What’s a Food Desert?

Two Essential Lists

- Pantry List

- Groceries List

Sprout It! Grow It!

Cyber Shopping

Link: Watch How to Read a Nutrition Label

Learn More: Tips for Food Storage + Safety

Learn More: Tips for Balancing Budgets

Learn More About Groceries 

- Cashews: the truth behind a food hero

- Bananas: another dirty little secret…

- Ugly ube need love, too.

- Dirty Dozen + Clean Fifteen

Tools + Toys

Tools to Get Started + Toys to Keep Going

- Kitchen Tools + Toys

- Tools for Beginners

Prep + Safety

Safety First

Mise en Place

Batch Cooking at Home

Five Mother Sauces + Company

Mirepoix + Aromatics

Cook Like a Hero

Five Ingredient Trick

Cook like your LIFE depends on it. (The Cure for Lonely Kitchens)

New to cooking with primarily plants?

What's the 95% WPF Approach?

Learn More: CH Recipes + Batch Cooking

- Medicine Soup

- Kaltes Essen

- CH Cookies

- Batch Cooking Hacks

- Learn more: Veg Stock Hack (vs Plant Oils)

- Cravings Hack: Totally Toast

- Sweet-Tooth Hack: Dessert Bites

- Ten Go-To Recipe Resources

Learn More: Kitchen Glossary for Geeks

Learn More: The Salt-Sugar-Fat Conversation

Low-Waste Kitchen

FIFO - First In First Out

Encore! Encore!

Compost + Recycling

Low-Waste Kitchen.jpg
Low-Waste Kitchen 2.jpg
Low-Waste Kitchen 3.jpg
Low-Waste Kitchen 4.jpg

Head + Heart

Fitness + Exercise

Beware of Gurus

BMI + BMR - One Size Fits All?

Inflammation: Friend + Foe

What's ergogenic nutrition?

Meet Rip Esselstyn - Badass Dragon Slayer

Learn More: Music for Muscles

- Let's Dance!

Learn More about Plant-Powered Fitness    

- Muscling Out the Meat Myth

- Exercise for Longevity

- Fitness Influencers

- Body + Mind + Spirit

- Pain + Recovery

Learn Even More About Plant-Powered Fitness

- Macro-Nutrients + Calories

- Micro-Nutrients + Omegas 

- 30-Day Vegan Challenge for Omnivores

- Science Shows Vegan Diet Benefits Athletes

- The Game Changers 

- 12-Year-Old WPF Soccer Phenom Plays Like Thiago

- What is Priming?

Stress + Sleep

Don't Forget to Breathe

Sleeping Beauties

Karoshi Kills

We Become Our Thoughts

"Ill sleep when I'm dead."

Learn More: What do vagal nerves have to do with stress? Everything.

Learn More About Stress + Sleep    

-  What about blue light?

-  Complex Carbs + Sleep

-  What about caffeine?

-  Coffee Metabolizers

- What about unexpressed emotions?

- What about stress + inflammation?

Love + Relationships

Let’s Talk About Love, Baby

Got People?

Health + Happiness

Learn More About Love + Relationships

- Power Partnerships

- Self-Love = Self-Care

- Kindness + Gratitude

- Paying it Forward

- Love. Pass it on.

Pleasure + Addiction

As clear as sunbeams in a forest.

One Spoonful at a Time

It's all heroin... No, really.

"Vitamin P" for Pleasure

Three Truths to Trust

Meet Dr Lisle

Meet Dr Howk

Meet Chef AJ

Meet Dr Thompson

Meet Dr Maté

Learn More About Pleasure + Addiction    

- Nature vs Nurture

- Again, Dr Fuhrman

- Marketing Madness

- Five Common "Triggers"

- Learn More: What's Your Primary Why?

- Learn More: Four Days to Food Freedom

Cultural Realities

Perfectionism and the Will to Learn

Friends + Family Traditions

Community Gatherings

Click-Bait = Cash

What is Medical Gaslighting?

Mother Theresa was a wise woman.

Learn More: Truth and Consequences

Learn More: The Power of Group Dynamics

Learn More: Why we say YES or NO to plants

Meet Tracye McQuirter, MPH (+ Intersectionality)

Learn More About Cultural Realities   

- Problems vs Solutions

- Global Stats in Plant-Based Trends

- What on earth is Dream Hacking?

- Schools

- Influencers

- Politics

- Media

Cultural Realities.jpg

Food for Thought

Food + Beverage Industry

Fa(s)t Food Nation

The Hospitality Biz

Farm to Airplane?

Meet the Queen of Vegan Cheese

Food Industry Politics

Crave-Ability + Bliss Points

What is Neuromarketing?

Meet Michele Simon JD, MPH

Meet John Robbins

Meet Ocean Robbins

Learn More About Food + Beverage Industry   

- League of 20 Tricksters

- Dietary Guidelines or Dietary Profits?

- Snapshot of Big Restaurant Menus

- Hospital Food Strikes Back

Learn Even More About Food + Beverage Industry

- More Apple Lobbies!

- Stake-Holders Love Beer-Holders

- Fast Food's Whitewashing Tactics

- The Blame Game (Personal vs Corporate Responsibility)

Farms + Factories

A Love Letter to Farmers + Ranchers (link to KidZone version)

Chemicals + Pesticides

You're Welcome, McDonald's

Farm + Ranch Families

Big Hearts + Big Brains = Big Solutions

Meet Mike Weaver

Meet Renee King-Sonnen

Meet Howard Lyman

Meet Seven Meat + Dairy Farmers

Learn More About Farming   

- What is Drip Irrigation?

- What is Regenerative Agriculture?

- What are Cover Crops?

- What is No-Till Farming?

- Is agri-business untouchable?

Learn Even More About Farming

- Are fish a healthy alternative?

- Pandemics: When Roads Lead to Animals

- What is Vertical Farming?

- Meet the Joyful Gardner

- No Green Thumb? No Worries!

Big Medicine

Medical Schools

Pills: Friend + Foe

A Perfect Marriage

What is Personalized Medicine?

They're coming after the kids...

It's beyond burnout.

Medicine + Social Acceptance

Learn More: More About Doctors

Learn More: Big Medicine Loves Big Media

Learn More: Antibiotics - King of Double-Edged Swords

Big Medicine: Top 12

Learn More About Big Medicine

- United States of Medicine

- Heroes + Whistleblowers

- (Mis)Classification of Drugs

- Black Box Warning: Side Effects May Include Death

- More About Warnings

- Upcoding + Fraud

- Learn More: What on earth is disease mongering?!

Studies + Stats

Learn More: NRTF - Nutrition Research Task Force (via NIH)

Learn More: Research Studies + Glossary Part 1 / Part 2

Broken Trust: Social Media Bias

Feed the World, Change the Food

Health care isn't a statistic... it's deeply personal.

- Learn More: Other Conflicts of Interest

- Learn More: What is (Skeptical) Critical Thinking?

- Learn More: Both Side-ism: Journalism's False Balance

Where are the colorful women?

Accolades vs Evidence

AMA: Conflicts of Interest

Eco-Systems + Climate

Ignorance is Bliss?

Never Give Up  (NO MATTER WHAT)

Water Wars

Carbon Footprints + Cannellini Beans

What is Greenwashing?

Meet Anderson + Kuhn

Meet Sir David Attenborough

Meet Greta Thunberg

Meet Alizé Carrère

Meet Project Drawdown 

Learn More: Final Thoughts

Learn More About Eco-Systems + Climate   

- People vs Planet in the Amazon

- Kinda Like a Pie in the Face?

- The Least Talked About White Elephant: Us!

- What a difference a day makes...

Learn Even More About Eco-Systems + Climate

- Big Agriculture + Climate Change

- Plants + Climate 101

- An Omnivore’s Predicament

- Healthy Soil = Carbon = Life

- Climate Impact of Dietary Protein



Notes for Grown-Ups

First, click here! (heads up info)

- Oh, nuts*!

- Oh, love!

- Oh, hazards!

- Oh, food!

- Oh, activities!

- Oh, education!

- Oh, suppertime!

- Oh, gardens!

Kids Who Want to Play with Food

Did You Know?

Learn More: Even More Resources

Kids Are Sponges

An Apple a Day…

A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

Learn More: Let's Dance!

Learn More: Answer Key 

1) Fun Food Factoidz

So... an apple a day, huh?

Fall in Love with Plants - Learn About Whole Plant Foods

- Eat a Rainbow - What? + Why?

- Meet the WPF Team

- Look It Up!

Become Besties with Broccoli - Learn About Food Science

- Plants That Make Us Poop

- List of Foods with Fiber + Fun with Math

- Macro-Nutrients

- Vitamins + Minerals

- Two Oxes on a Plate

- Water is wonderful.

- Look It Up!

- Cookhouse Hero's Top 12 Food Heroes

2) Super Foods R Super Cool

Favorite Food Heroes:

Green Leafies / Avocado / Garlic / Berries / Lentils / Sweet Potatoes / Lemons / Cruciferous Veggies /  Tomatoes / Quinoa / Parsley / Dates / Apples / Turmeric / Hulled Barley / Mushrooms / Flax* / Walnuts* / Cabbage / Oats / Beans

Learn More: Taste + Temperature + Texture


3) Cooking is Gooey + Gross!

Safety FIRST!

- Fun with French

- Food Prep

- Food Safety

Action Heroes in the Kitchen

Taste + Touch

Five Ingredient Fun

CH Cookies (recipe)

Totally Toast

4) Your Community, Your World

Water Factoid

What a difference a day makes...


- A Love Letter to Farmers + Ranchers

- What’s up with ANIMALS?

- What’s up with PLANTS?

- What’s up with WATER?

- What is Vertical Farming?


- Compost + Land-Fill

- Never Give Up

- Healthy Soil = Life

- Carbon Footprints + Cannellini Beans

- Kinda Like a Pie in the Face?

Farming Solutions! Here's the dirt on dirt.

- What is... Drip Irrigation?

- What is... Regenerative Agriculture?

- What are... Cover Crops?

- What is... No-Till Farming?

"Winter's Way of Life" A water warrior story.

When you hug a tree, it hugs you back.

Mushrooms + Trees: A Love Story

Mushrooms as Art!

Ready to be an Action Hero? (activity)

- Kitchen Cultures

- School Lunches

- Community Gardens

- Fitness Friends

- @ home.

- @ school.

- in your community.

- with friends + family.

5) Activities + Adventures

Sprout It

Food Art


Blind Taste Test

Love Your Lunchbox

Got a Green Thumb?

What's in YOUR kitchen?

+ Make an Impact + Be an Action Hero!

+ Let's Dance!

KidZone  2.jpg

6) Become a Cookhouse Hero

Contact Cookhouse Hero KidZone

Meet Alicia Serratos

Meet Genesis Butler

Meet Omar McQueen

Meet Holden Frazier

7 Superpowers of Plants

The Fun of Fitness - Let's Dance! (activity)

Meet Winter Vincent

Bonus Activities Answer Key

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