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"My unique superpower is providing guidance in a fun and digestible way for people from ALL cultures, backgrounds, and generations. Some may think eating primarily whole plants is too unfamiliar, too expensive, or too hard (I mistakenly thought so, too). But consider this: if you can imagine yourself eating black bean tacos, baked sweet potatoes, and red delicious apples, then you already like plants!"


Why choose Cookhouse Hero?

Research Geek

When I was a kid, I never liked science until I found out about science fiction and research. Then, nutrition became an adventure. Curiosity is cool - it also gives our brain a buzz.

Action Hero

Talking about taking action feels good, but then I'm only left with food for thought. Let's try to make an impact, from farms and food systems to education and eco-systems.

Teacher - Writer - Chef

I teach, write, and cook a lot. Learning about bio-chemistry and whole plant foods saved my life. Now, I'm teaching, writing, and cooking all about it. Check out CH's story below.


Cooking + Shopping

  • Ready to... become one with winter squash and watercress in the produce aisle at your local market? 

  • Interested in... adding more whole plants and flavors to your family's favorite recipes? 

  • Keen on... learning how to batch-cook a week's worth of whole plant foods on a budget?

From shopping hacks and knife skills to bio-chemistry and food factoids, let Cookhouse Hero teach you how apples are awesome, greens are gorgeous, and broccoli is boss. ALL backgrounds, ages, interests, and skill levels are welcome.

Wr​iting + Editing

Got writer's block? Require assistance in creating captivating content for your classroom, blog, or business? From bio-chemistry and beans to protein and poop, let Cookhouse Hero help.

  • Articles + Blog Posts

  • Editing + Proofreading

  • Curriculum Content

  • Factoidz for Kidz

  • Fact Sheets + FAQ Sheets

  • Film Study Guides

  • Plant-Focused Menu Development


Teaching + Speaking​

  • Ready to... look at why you've never stayed on a diet, or why grilled cheese is a turn-on? 

  • Interested in... losing weight without pills, potions, powders, or counting carbs and calories? 

  • Keen on... getting in the driver's seat and working towards a possible hospital-free life?

From supportive truth-telling and behavior change to Food + Fitness as Medicine, let Cookhouse Hero teach you how to transition towards plants. Or... engage Michele as a speaker and let her inspire captivating conversations.

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