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Meet Alicia Serratos

Alicia was featured in the film The Need To Grow (2020). She also inspired the Girl Scouts to offer one GMO-free cookie!

Meet Omar McQueen

Omar has a UK-based cooking show and cookbook for kids. He created Dipalicious, a vegan food company that sells dips!

Meet Genesis Butler

Genesis is an ethical vegan. She's an animal rights and environmental activist. She's a superhero who loves all animals!

Meet Holden Frazier

Holden is the son of Matt Frazier (No Meat Athlete). He's whole food plant-based and has a dedication and talent for soccer!

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

- Christopher Robin, from Winnie the Pooh by AA Milne

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7 Superpowers of PLANTS

  1. Plants are delish (+ help us poop!). Eating whole plants is like eating a nutrish, multi-colored rainbow. 

  2. Eating mostly whole plant foods can make you strong and smart for life. 

  3. Eating plants is kinder than eating things with eyes like: frogs, turtles, pigs, cows, ladybugs, cats, fish, dogs, hamsters, spiders, chickens, snakes, zebras, elephants, butterflies, bats, turkeys, and armadillos.  

  4. For hard-working farmers and ranchers, growing plants can use way less precious water and land resources than raising animals.   

  5. For people, eating mostly whole plants means that your "carbon footprint" is way less than if you eat food animals. Yay, beans + broccoli. 

  6. Cooking and eating plants is an effective way to make a positive impact now and for future generations on:  your health, food animals, natural resources, a stable climate, and healthy eco-systems.  

  7. Food education is an important, fun, and cool adventure!


The Fun of Fitness

Move! Like, every day. Exercising, dancing, playing sports, and running around with your friends are SO, SO, SO important for you. Your body and brain need OODLES of OXYGEN which increases when you move your body!

Meet Winter Vincent

surfer + eco-ambassador

What have you done to change the world? That's exactly what Australian surfer Winter Vincent asked himself at nine years old. He's a water warrior, who does what he loves most (surfing!), while paying it forward through environmental and humanitarian aid around the world.

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