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The plant-powered arenas are rapidly growing, and trends show this will only continue. There are four main areas of focus: health, fashion, food animals, and eco-systems. No matter what your unique interests are, let Cookhouse Hero - Food Education for All support your efforts to learn more and teach others about a WPF, vegan, and/or plant-based diet and lifestyle. Check out 12 selected links on Cookhouse Hero's website for grown-ups and kids (KZ), as well as 26 industry links for further study/practice. If I had a magic wand, most teachers would be millionaires. Welcome!

  • medical students

  • pediatricians

  • doctors

  • healthcare providers

  • influencers

  • teachers + learners + educators

  • home-school educators

  • WPF-curious vegans/vegetarians

  • grown-ups + kids, ages 7 to 12

  • fashionistas

... and anyone who wants to learn about food systems, nutrition, cooking, and plants.


12 CH Learning Examples / 26 education-focused links + diplomas + certifications

Cookhouse Hero

Center for Nutrition Studies

American College Lifestyle Medicine

Food Future Institute

Forks Over Knives

Loma Linda University

MMF Master Class 

Nutritarian Health Coach

Nutrition Facts

One Green Planet

PCRM - Food for Life


PCRM - Physician's Committee

Plant-Based Juniors


Sustainable Fashion Academy

Tiny Green Chef

TrueNorth Health Center


Veggie Fit Kids

Wellness Forum Health

WFPB Cooking Show

Food Revolution Network

University of Winchester, UK

Leadership Certificate @ Cornell

Public Speaking @ Dale Carnegie

12 Various Speaking Courses

12 CH Learning Examples
  • 25 FAQs  LINK

  • 21 Hot Topics  LINK

  • Nutrition Glossary  LINK

  • Top Five Food Myths  LINK

  • Plant-Powered Fitness  LINK

  • CH's High-Low-Ox "Diet"  LINK

  • KZ - Farming  LINK

  • KZ - Eco-Systems  LINK

  • KZ - Macro-Nutrients  LINK

  • K​Z - Activities + Adventures  LINK

  • KZ - Super Foods R Super Cool  LINK

  • KZ - Cooking is Gooey + Gross!  LINK

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious."

- Albert Einstein, German Theoretical Physicist (died 1955)

26 education-focused links + diplomas + certifications
Center for Nutrition Studies
WPF food system certifications
One of the gold standards in WPF education, the T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies via eCornell University offers courses on WPF nutrition and food systems. They also offer Living a Whole Life, a comprehensive 9-week program.
Forks Over Knives
WPF resource for kids + adults
With their hit film Forks Over Knives in 2011, this organization has grown exponentially. They now have cookbooks, classes, resources, and inspirational success stories which are focused on educating people about a WPF diet and lifestyle. 
Nutritarian Health Coach
vegan home-cooking course
Dr Fuhrman's four-month program is focused on how to become "a supportive mentor who helps clients reach their health goals, transform their lifestyle, and live a disease-free life." This program also offers one-on-one encouragement for students. 
PCRM - Food for Life
vegan cooking certification
Since 2001, Food for Life offers hands-on info about the direct role of plant-based nutrition in health and disease prevention. It's a nutrition education and cooking class program that provides an innovative approach to diet-related diseases.
Plant-Based Juniors
plant-based info for kids
From two registered dietician nutritionists, bloggers, and cooks for kids, PBJs is a complete guide for plant-based prenatal and pediatric nutrition. They also offer a 30-hour accredited Pediatric Nutrition for Health Professionals course. 
Tiny Green Chef
plant-based cooking for kids
Tiny Green Chef Program is a unique resource that offers "an online kids cooking class full of fun and easy lessons, demos, food experiments, and interactive activities that teach your child how to cook their own whole plant-based meals." 
Veggie Fit Kids
plant-based resource for families
Founded by Dr Cazorla-Lancaster, Veggie Fit Kids offers resources, a blog, and a podcast on plant-based nutrition for families. She's a board-certified pediatrician, certified lifestyle medicine physician, and a mother of two healthy boys. 
College Lifestyle Medicine
WPF certifications + diplomas
American College of Lifestyle Medicine is passionate about the urgent need to transform health care through plant nutrition. They focus on quality, evidence-based education and certification in the clinical practice of lifestyle medicine.
Loma Linda University
master's in plant-based nutrition
With a focus on plant-based practices affecting human health and the environment, this online master's degree program offers advanced training in nutritional science, emphasizing plant nutrition through eye-opening content. 
comprehensive study analysis
Dr Greger's non-profit site is a truly unique resource for WPF and vegan education. He and his team analyze medical literature and produce digestible and compelling content. They also offer CME credits on plant-focused nutrition topics.
ethical veganism for kids
This is from PETA, an animal rights organization that also helps kids 12 and under learn all about how to help animals. Included are tools and resources for learning about an ethical vegan lifestyle. A valuable resource for animal advocates. 
plant-based culinary course
This accredited, culinary school offers instruction in plant-based culinary arts. With a focus on the application of core techniques in a plant-based kitchen, the experience allows students to explore and practice a variety of global flavors. 
TrueNorth Health Center
integrative medicine + fasting
Focused on health and education, this center is now the largest facility in the world which specializes in medically supervised water-only fasting. They offer learning resources as well as certification in supervised fasting for optimal health. 
Wellness Forum Health
plant-based clinic + certification
InforMED™ for Consumers and Health Practitioners is the focus at Wellness Forum Health, founded by Dr Popper. They offer monthly memberships as well as programs on diet, treatments, and strategies to help people transition to plants.
Food Future Institute
vegan home-cooking course
Renowned plant-based chef, Matthew Kenney, offers a "flexible online learning environment that allows students to work at their own pace and track progress across 12 modules, with instructional videos and recipes for any skill-level."
MMF Master Class
plant-based clinical medicine
Led by Dr Klaper, this clinical nutrition series "places the healing power of plant-based nutrition into the hands of every physician, medical student, and health professional who wants to help their patients heal on the deepest levels."
One Green Planet
eight plant-based certifications
One Green Planet is an online guide for making compassionate and conscious choices that help people, animals, and the planet. The link below spotlights eight online certification programs focused on plant-based food and fitness.
Physician's Committee
vegan resource for kids + adults
The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine is a resource for topics such as animal welfare, nutrition for kids, public policy, and disease prevention and reversal. Plant-based cooking certification is also offered (see Food for Life).
Sustainable Apparel
online course for fashionistas
The Sustainable Fashion Academy offers Sustainability Fundamentals, the world's first course for those involved or interested in the fashion industry. This 11-week certification course tackles issues and challenges in sustainable apparel.
vegan family resource
VegFamily is "a comprehensive resource for raising vegan children, including pregnancy, vegan recipes, expert advice, book reviews, product reviews, message board, and everyday vegan living." Home-schooling articles are also included. 
WFPB Cooking Show
online WPF cooking course
The Whole Food Plant Based Cooking Show offers a 28-day cooking course focused on oil-free, sugar-free, and often gluten-free techniques for cooks of all backgrounds. Also check out their YouTube channel and blog. 
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