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WPF - Whole Plant Foods

no bells and whistles... just plants

We all start from wherever we are right now. After oodles of study and experimentation, what I've learned is that the whole plant foods solution works. No bells and whistles, just plants. You know, the things that grow in soil with worms and microbes like bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and nematodes. Yum. It takes courage to look at our food addictions and/or insanely unhealthy behaviors like five-year-olds discovering the Halloween candy was eaten by our dog. Look familiar? That was me. Still is, sometimes. Like gifts from the Universe, whole plants are what Mother Nature and Father Time intended. Thx mum and dad.


Meet the Team: Six WPF Categories / Go Big or Go Home? / Ten Keys to Success / Gifted Gurus with Armchair Advice / Meet Cookhouse Hero's Favorite Advocates on Earth / Got Kidz? WPF in KidZone

Meet the WPF Team

Whole Fruits

Berries are the most nutritious fruits on the planet, and are low-glycemic which means they digest slowly (this is beneficial). Apples are miraculous and versatile, bananas are great for baking, and avocados are a healthy fat. Dried fruits like dates, goji berries, and pitted plums can 'cure' sweet tooth's. 


Whole Vegetables

Vegetables are the most nutrient-dense foods on Earth. Green leafies, broccoli, beets, cabbage, carrots, peppers, onions, garlic, asparagus, sweet potatoes, mushrooms (fungus). Eat a wide variety of these babies and watch your body transform. Many are high-water foods, so they help keep us hydrated, too.


Intact Grains

Whole grains are the come-back kids in nutrition, but beware of marketing tactics and natural-looking packaging. Intact whole grains means the endosperm, bran, and germ aren't milled away, which is where all the goodness lives. Brown rice, hulled barley, steel-cut oats. Bonus: they're also inexpensive.


Legumes Family

Packed with protein, various B vitamins, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Learn to love beans, snap peas, edamame, sprouted beans, and split peas. Hummus is always in my fridge, and I make each batch with a different flavor profile. Lentils are the mother ship - they're also the least expensive and easiest to make.


Raw Nuts + Seeds

Flax is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids and pepitas are a great source of omega-3's and 6's. Eat them raw, and buy in bulk (raw, broken pieces are more affordable). Use them as a condiment and a natural source of fat in cooking. Avoid snacking on these high fat beauties - enjoy up to a 1/4 cup daily (32 grams).

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Added Flavors

My chef's palate gets bored easily, so lots of flavor keeps my brain happy. Cayenne can lower blood pressure. Turmeric can reduce inflammation. Ginger and garlic can strengthen the immune system. Vinegar and oregano can heal and make everything taste better. Avoid (or significantly limit) plant oils, salts, and sugars.

"When something resonates as true, our body will tingle and our mind will buzz like a relentless gnat... even if we don't want to hear it. The real trick is being still enough to notice and neutral enough to take it in."

- Cookhouse Hero

Go big or go home?

(when... meatless Mondays don't work)

For me, it took a few years to lose a lot of weight and wean myself off plant oils, honey, and sweeteners. And, the day after my type-2 diabetes diagnosis, I shifted all in to a 95-5 WPF diet. Everyone must choose their own pace. Yet, feeling lighter, more focused, and more energized FAST can inspire us to keep going. Heads up: water helps initial bloating and "softens" the high amount of fiber cleaning our gut.

Ten Keys to Success

Introducing Forks Over Knives... an evidence-based resource for WPF nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. They teach five basic principles:

1)    Put starches and fruits at the center of your plate. 
2)    You'll likely eat more not less food. 
3)    Focus on pleasure. 

4)    Say no to oils. 

5)    No food math required.

Cookhouse Hero would add these vital keys to focus on: 

6)   Greens, legumes family, intact grains, raw nuts + seeds. 

7)   Aromatics and added flavors (examples in #8). 

8)   Foods in the CH High-Low-Ox "Diet" (in English + Spanish)

9)   Supplements: B12 and possibly D3.

10)  Fitness, healthy sleep, unplugging, and love/support.

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Gifted Gurus with Armchair Advice

"I'm afraid I'm going to function and feel better!"

- Dr Huberman, American Associate Professor of Neurobiology

Meet a brilliant and influential thought-leader, Dr Andrew Huberman. He currently teaches at Stanford University as an Associate Professor of Neurobiology and as an Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, by courtesy (this designates contributions without an academic appointment). While researching his background, I came across a conversation via Health Tips. Here's an example of yet another respected role model, who teaches with authority on a topic that hasn't been studied deeply enough.

In this case, I watched him say if he goes plant-based/vegan, he's afraid of functioning and feeling better! What? This isn't about people who contribute to a subject with anecdotes and opinions. Instead, this is about calling foul on folks who don't know what they don't know WHILE speaking from a position of authority as if they do. Also keep in mind that when our words and actions don't match, this can expose a subconscious confusion underneath, intentional or not. Beware of gifted gurus with armchair advice, no matter how smart they are.


Note from CH: I've learned from Dr Huberman on topics such as sleep, fitness, and meditation. And although he's a solid source for info, I'm illustrating the Accolades vs Evidence reality in food-science and research.

Meet Cookhouse Hero's Favorite Advocates on Earth
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