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Activities + Adventures

(please get permission before doing any of these fun activities)


Sprout It / Food Art / Move! / Blind Taste Test / Love Your Lunchbox / Got a Green Thumb? / What's in YOUR kitchen? / Make an Impact! / Let's Dance!

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Sprout It

Beans and lentils are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet. And, sprouting them is even healthier. So, what is sprouting? It's the process that happens when water moisture hangs out with beans or lentils in a jar for a few days. Little sprouts grow out of them. Then they can be eaten raw or added to dishes. Crunchy and delish!

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Food Art

Put on your artist apron. Get ready to have some serious fun with food. The best part about this activity is you get to PLAY with food! Create a broccoli forest, build the Eiffel Tower, or make a rainbow. You can experience up close and personal that food is gooey, gross, yucky, and yummy. Ready young Michelangelo's?

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Move, move, move. Then move some more! Fitness is as important as food when it comes to being healthy for life. When you exercise, your heart, lungs, and cells work overtime. This pushes more oxygen to your brain. It creates more blood vessels and makes your body and brain smile. Sports can make you even smarter!

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Blind Taste Test

Variety is the spice of life. Our bodies and brains connect to flavors of food that are nutritious. Plants like strawberries, seeds*, and sweet potatoes are delish. Also, kids have way more taste buds than grown-ups. 


When you taste food, it's like the volume of the flavor is turned up to POWIE-ZOWIE. There are five main flavors in the known food universe: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and something called umami. This is another way to describe savory foods. Ready to test your flavor IQ?

Love Your Lunchbox

Cookhouse Heroes love to eat a nutritious and delicious lunch. Although breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, lunch comes in second place, getting a silver medal at the Lunchbox Olympics.


A really important thing to consider is variety: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts*, and flavors like lemon juice, herbs, and mustard. Try to ALWAYS have: 1) raw and/or cooked veggies, 2) a plant-based protein (hummus, almond butter*, lentils, edamame, broccoli, etc) and 3) fresh fruit. 

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Got a green thumb?

There are many ways to get excited about food. One is growing plants in your garden, yard, kitchen, or window sill (and other areas in your house, flat, cabin, trailer, tent...) or at a community garden. Check out a dozen ways to have fun with gardening and playing with powerful life-promoting plants. Get your green thumb in gear!

What's in YOUR kitchen?

What kinds of foods and beverages live in your kitchen? Make a list of items in your pantry, fridge, freezer, and on countertops. Do you have lots of fruits, vegetables, mustards, leftovers, junk foods, meats, cheeses, and/or sugary cereals and drinks? A fun family adventure!

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