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How is CH unique?
(no bells and whistles... just plants)

Learning about bio-chemistry and whole plant foods saved my life. I'm a 95% whole plant foods (WPF) advocate who offers vastly complex, evidence-based, and eye-opening info about food systems and Food + Fitness as Medicine. 

My intention is to cut through the noise and provide data and details in a digestible way for people from ALL cultures, backgrounds, and generations. Eat up, it's calorie free!

Although I'm passionate and convinced about WPF, I promise not to judge, embellish, peddle unregulated powders, or offer guidance with hidden agendas. Like, never. That said, there's one transparent agenda: please consider eating more plants, telling the truth fearlessly, and saving the world! I'd love to support your transition towards cooking and eating more fiber-rich, nutrient-dense, life-promoting plants. Need support? LMK.


Cookhouse Hero - Food Education for All... was created because there aren't many resources where a myriad of food and fitness factoids are in ONE place. So, I've included: 


  • CONTENT: engaging content for a wide range of interests, cultures, generations, and levels of enthusiasm to learn more about plants. This includes intros to rabbit-hole links as well as micro articles by Cookhouse Hero.

  • KIDZONE: a fun and interactive KidZone for grown-ups and kids (ages seven to twelve) to support people towards more nutritious, humane, and sustainable diet and lifestyle choices. 

  • EDUCATORS: useful resources for learners and teachers - from educators, medical students, pediatricians, and healthcare providers to grown-ups with kids, home-schoolers, influencers, and fashionistas. 

  • FAQs: a practical and evidence-based FAQs page for all demographics: plant-eating veterans, WPF-curious vegans and vegetarians, inquisitive newbies, smart skeptics, and hard-core omnivores alike. 

  • LINKS: external links for additional food for thought, based on analysis of over 200 sources.

  • RESOURCES: a comprehensive page with 276 vetted links to badass plant-powered pioneers, experts, and advocates. Included are suggested subscriptions and communities as well as resources for grown-ups and kids.


Throughout CH, you'll find multiple aspects of the food and beverage universe (and then some!) with connections to...





medical schools

food waste


public policy


marketing tactics




research studies

cultural realities

big business



animal husbandry


Another reason why Cookhouse Hero is unique? Vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, AND whole plant-based information and resources are included. Although I have respect, gratitude, and an affinity for veganism, I'm not quite a vegan. 

Three reasons why I'm not quite a vegan...
  • Junkie: I'm a mostly recovered food junkie and occasionally fall off the wagon. When my brain becomes absolute about anything, a black-leather biker chick inside rebels. It's how I'm wired. So, my 95% approach focused on WPF has contributed to a balanced, nutrient-dense, and humane diet and lifestyle. I sometimes wonder how people can achieve 100% absolute adherence. I think they must have a secret handshake and I never got the memo.

  • Acceptance: I've come to accept that cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats, sheep, fish, seafood, dairy, butter, eggs, processed foods, and junk foods are here to stay. Reluctantly. With profound sadness in my heart. Plus, I fully comprehend the face of food addiction, up close and personal. For me, long-term success regarding diet and lifestyle aren't all-or-nothing endeavors. I'm all in every day while recognizing that for some, perfection isn't real.

  • Nutrition: Personally, human and global health come first. The WPF approach - which doesn't usually include highly processed foods, junk and faux-vegan foods, refined sugars and flours, refined carbs, and plant oils - is the only diet shown to reverse many chronic ailments. Eco-systems and animal welfare are close 2nd and 3rd passions. 

10 Smart Reasons to Dive into WPF Education:
  • engaging in more dialogues with farmers and ranchers with Big Hearts and Big Brains wide open.

  • empowering and inspiring young people to learn about food science, food gardening, and food systems.

  • educating healthcare professionals and institutions, medical students, and you, me, and everyone else. 

  • shedding light on cultural realities such as food insecurity, food deserts, peer pressure, and limiting beliefs.

  • addressing healthcare costs, insurance billing fraud, misclassification of drugs, and food-system monopolies.

  • exposing lobbies, corporations (food, beverage, agriculture, pharma, private academia), marketing campaigns, law firms, public institutions, schools, hospitals, misreported research, and misinformed doctors and celebrities.

  • protecting food animals, as well as other land, air, and water creatures becoming extinct.

  • taking care of our planet, and collectively recognizing it's a closed and finite system.

  • saving millions of human lives every year via WPF shown to prevent and reverse a slew of chronic diseases.

  • providing eight billion people nutrient-dense plants, because we're capable of feeding the world... right now. 

Imagine, so many benefits from humble whole foods. No bells and whistles... just plants.

We don't know what we don't know... you know?
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