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Meet Michele, CH
Everyone has a story... here's mine.
(with love from a mostly recovered food junkie)
What I Am + What I'm Not

I'm not quite a vegan... or a doctor, a nurse practitioner, a nutrition expert, a fitness guru, a best-selling author (but I’m working on that last one!). So, why would you listen to Cookhouse Hero? I'm a seasoned chef, teacher, writer, public speaker, restaurant and catering pro, research geek, skeptical critical thinker, and 95% WPF advocate who walks the talk. 

I have a Food and Sustainability Certificate and a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from the T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies via eCornell University. I'm a Food Over Medicine Certified Instructor via Wellness Forum Health, founded by Dr Pam Popper. Also, through a whole plant foods diet and lifestyle, I'm yet another person who reversed a chronic disease (type-2 diabetes) without medications. Plus, without counting carbs or calories, and with an abundance of fiber-rich, nutrient-dense, life-promoting plants as well as regular exercise, I lost a lot of weight, too. That's why. 

CH is my way of positively contributing to global health, food animal welfare, and stable eco-systems. And though I'm passionate and convinced about food, beverage, and food-systems education, I promise not to preach, judge, embellish, peddle unregulated supplements, nor offer evidence-based details and guidance with hidden agendas. Like, never. My primary ask? Please consider eating more plants, telling the truth fearlessly, and saving the world! Need support? LMK.

Food Certifications: 


  • ServSafe Management 

  • Food Allergens

Active Memberships and Sponsorships:

  • Member + Sponsor of Nutrition Facts

  • Member + Sponsor of PCRM - Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine

  • Member + Sponsor of Chicago Public Library Foundation - Book Sanctuary Campaign

  • Member + Sponsor of Rowdy Girl Sanctuary - Rancher's Advocacy Program (RAP)

  • Member + Sponsor of Playing for Change 

  • Affiliate Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine

  • Member of SCBWI - Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

 Other: Student at the Institute for Writers - Certification in 'Writing for Children and Teens' (Feb 2022 - Feb 2024)

Learn More About CH

Mostly Recovered Food Junkie

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Public Speaker + Trainer


Health + Hospitals

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Cook + Chef

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Student + Research Geek

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Teacher + Educator

My first teaching job was in Osaka, Japan in 1988 in a beginner's EFL conversation class (English as a Foreign Language). The very first lesson without much preparation consisted of: a text book, a workbook, a teacher's guide, a cramped room, five nervous students, awkward giggles, an enormous amount of green tea, and unique-looking seaweed snacks.

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